Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Vileda 1,2 Spray system and Extra Power Scourers

I love new gadgets and accessories, probably a good job as I review them.

Even before this blog started I have always loved ads for a new product, When it comes to Vileda, I think I have tried most of their mops and a lot of the other cleaning products for washing up, right from the first one years ago and since then was hooked on the thought that goes into a product.

I am a lazy soul by nature, I think I need variety to get me into the swing of housework. So when Vileda come up with new ways to make mopping easier I have to try them. Up until now its still been a mop and bucket but and I must admit to getting fed up with this as I have a small utility area and could do with just a mop. I have taken to using floor wipes, but hate the bending down.

Having a puppy now means I am washing the floor more regularly, so for those inbetween times when I just want to give my floors a quick clean the new  Vileda 1,2 Spray system is perfect.

The cleaning liquid is already integrated into the handle and easy to top up. It smells gorgeous too, it gives a lovely light fresh scent.

I found it so easy to use in the kitchen

But where I feel it really helped me was on my laminate floor. I am aways wary of using too much liquid on my wooden floor, but the spray released is fine and the cloth easily absorbs the liquid as it glides over the floor.

I really love the 1 2 Spray and noticed that its on special offer right now on Tesco Direct. Also available at Asda, Wilkinson, B&Q

I was also sent Extra Power scourers now a scourer is always handy to have and I tend to use the non scratch variety on my pans and bakeware that is not designed for the dish washer.

Why is it that these pans, usually have the caked on food and need serious rubbing?

So out comes the scourer and you get to work, when you have finished the scourer is caked in food and bits are caught in the fibres, ewww! I rarely want to use it again until its been in the washing machine and then they are never as good!

Well those issues have been thought out by Vileda and they have come up tops again. The scourer has an innovative and unique 3D cleaning surface  which shifts even the most stubborn dirt with ease, giving me more power for less effort. And because the surface is sealed, it’s easy to rinse after the job is finished. Another great cleaning accessory.

Available in Extra Power and Non-Scratch Power.     


  1. the spray system looks a great idea, anything that helps make housework easier is always good in my opinion!

  2. Its really good, no water no bucket just out of the cupboard mop and throw the head in the wash.

  3. How did the mop handle the laminate over time with lots of washing? we have a dog to and he makes such a mess. Also makes a mess of the grout between tiles in the conservatory. Mum's always kept us with normal mop and bucket because she says steam mops are not good for the laminate but this could be an in between xx

  4. The spray is so fine its good, I worry about it so use a cloth to dry up any damp that I see.

    Definitely no steam mops and I have one but wouldnt put heat on the laminate.

  5. Like the look of the extra power scourers but the mop looks too fiddly to use regularly. We're collecting our new puppy tomorrow so there will be lots of mopping!