Thursday, 23 February 2012

Unwrapped *UK Premiere* on the Food Network

Ever wanted to find out how exactly what goes into those delicious American treats? From peanut butter to marshmallows and bubble-gum, host Marc Summers visits test kitchens and helps viewers discover to explore the secrets of classic American foods.

With a special Premiere episode for Food Network UK’s seven-hour Italian Weekend extravaganza, viewers will be taken on an Italian-American food journey, finding out exactly how low-carb pasta is produced, and not forgetting a visit to a noodle work of art!

Each week a new delicacy will be discovered, with viewers left wanting to make a visit across the pond by the end of the series to sample the specialities for themselves.

Unwrapped *UK Premiere*
Saturdays from 18th Feb, double bill at 4pm


  1. This show is awesome! I love all the cake and sweet ones, yum

  2. Hmm, I think I'd best stay away from this or I will end up eating everything in the house afterwards, it will make me so hungry!

  3. Must have missed this! Can you get Food Network UK on digital?

    1. Google says freeview 49 but its not on mine!