Monday, 6 February 2012

Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

I think I'm in chocolate heaven, well very near the top of the ladder leaving me the time to write up my first thoughts on a divine tipple.

Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur is the sort of drink you love so much you want to tell everybody, but never want to share, well as its the season of love and I do love my man, I did share it. I was sort of hoping he would not be as in love with the smooth sweet taste as I, but alas it hooked him too. Grrr its a bottle made for two then.
The alcohol content is 17% so its not a strong drink, perfect for being able to sip ( well I did tend to guzzle the first glass)
With the snow falling heavily on Saturday, it was nice to come in after a walk in the snow to a mug of hot chocolate and a dash of Thornton's liqueur, it was delicious.

I have saved some for Valentines Day as the cocktail sounds dreamy!

The perfect couples cocktail is the Chocolate Kiss.
Just mix 50ml of Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur with 25ml of vanilla vodka, serve in a chilled martini glass. Thorntons chocolate liqueur tastes best chilled. Finally, garnish with delicious strawberries dipped in melted chocolate for a gorgeous romantic treat.

Here's what your cocktail will look like - heavenly!

The 70cl bottle of Thorntons 17%ABV Chocolate Liqueur is available in ASDA at £12.99 a bottle. It is also available in other major retailers and in many pubs and bars across the country.

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  1. that cocktail looks amazing!

  2. This sounds amazing! My chocolate loving self thanks you for this and my waistline is not so sure! :)

  3. That cocktail looks like LOVE.