Friday, 3 February 2012

Ring Pop Heart® from Bazooka Candy Brands.

Do you remember having a crush on a boy or girl and wanting to show your adoration with tokens of love.

I would ponder how to tell him, maybe a note or a sweet with messages such as "Be my love" or "Marry Me!"

I always chickened out and ate the sweets myself.

Now there is a whole array of sweets that are heart shaped, from chocolates, jellybeans and even cookies. With  Valentines Day approaching there are a thousand ways to state your feelings.

When I received the Ring Pop Hearts to tray they reminded me of those childhood memories, its a ring with a gorgeous heart on top, the candy is similar to those giant dummies that are bought at the seaside.

One of my teens has squirrelled one away to give to their own sweetheart. So it seems times don't really change! But the sweets are far more adventurous!

I had to try one, I'm a big kid at heart still, they taste lovely. Now I'm older and I dare to express my love in a myriad of ways including giving a sweet to my own true love, sometimes its good to love yourself or a best friend too. Take a look at the twitter comp details below!


-New Ring Pop Heart ® set to get pulses racing

Wearing your heart on your finger might not be as catchy as the age-old saying involving sleeves, but it will be the sight of 2012 and beyond. That’s because this month sees the much-anticipated release of the brand new Ring Pop Heart® from Bazooka Candy Brands.

The new Ring Pop Heart® features a tasty Strawberry Crush flavoured lollipop in the shape of a giant red heart, which is strikingly perched atop a ring that both adults and kids alike can flaunt on their fingers with pride.
The Ring Pop Heart® is a perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s a friend’s birthday, Mother’s Day or you just want to treat somebody on a whim. We wouldn’t even rule out Ring Pop Heart® engagement proposals! Speaking of romance, there’s another event coming very soon for which Ring Pop Heart® is the perfect partner: Valentine’s Day.

And for those who love sweets as much as tweets, this Valentine’s Day is going to be an extra special one, as Bazooka Candy Brands launches its new #tweetheart service on Twitter.

This unique competition will encourage tweeters to nominate their true ‘#tweetheart’ in 140 characters or less to be in with the chance of winning delicious Ring Pop Heart® prizes.
Don’t worry if you haven’t found your soul mate yet, as your #tweetheart could be anybody - friend, colleague, family member - that’s done something recently to make you smile, whatever that might be! The #tweetheart competition will launch via the @BazookaCandy twitter page on the 7th February.
The Ring Pop Heart® is a brand new addition to the incredibly popular Ring Pop® range from Bazooka Candy Brands, which includes taste-bud tantalising flavours such as cola, orange and blackcurrant.

The Ring Pop Heart® is available from retailers across the UK for an RRP of 39p so listen to your heart and grab one now!