Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Happy Eggs the name makes me smile and the taste makes me very happy!

The chance to review the new Scotch and savoury eggs, made the family happy!

Conor promised me he would do the washing up and make me a cuppa if he got one of the large Scotch eggs first, well I couldn't turn the offer down.
He loves food full stop, but one of his favourite picnic and lunch snacks are these.

He is not alone as Scotch eggs are a firm British favourite, and now the happy egg co have launched its own free range variety,  the chickens are getting a good life in exchange for their eggs, this has to be a real reason to consider them when you are in the supermarket.
The pork used is outdoor reared, again happy piggies!!

What tops all this is the taste, the coating is fresh, the sausage meat is nicely seasoned, the egg soft and tasty.

We are hoping the summer brings lots of opportunities for a picnic, meanwhile we will be eating these for lunches and evening nibbles!

They are available in a snack sized pack of 12 savoury eggs or in a pack of two traditional whole egg size.

Priced at £1.49 for both the two-pack of whole eggs and the 12 savoury egg variant, the happy egg co. scotch eggs will initially be available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

The new happy egg co. scotch eggs are the latest addition to the happy egg. co’s range of ready-made free range happy egg products which also includes sharing-sized, snack packs and single-serve quiches.

 The happy egg co. is committed to producing great tasting eggs laid by the happiest free range hens.
All the happy egg co. farms exceed the standards required for free range hens. the happy egg co. producer base comprises of specially selected British Free Range farms.

 The farms are regularly visited by ‘fields team’ (experts in hen behaviour) who understand the importance of producing ethical eggs.

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  1. I'm glad the Happy Egg company are making these! My hubby and even my two little ones are crazy about scotch eggs so I will have to look out for these!

  2. never had a scotch egg for years!