Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Renshaw’s Snip and Swirl and Simplymelt

Well this mother is making cakes for herself this year, I love chocolate and cupcakes are my favourite cake, so moist you can't help having another and another.
If you remember I used Renshaw's brilliant Ready to Roll icing for Valentines shortbread cookies. You can read the review here

The products are all user friendly and if you are pushed for time, great for helping you make wonderful creations that look fantastic and taste good too.

The Snip and Swirl is a real doddle to use even for somebody like me who gets in a bit of a mess when icing.

I made a batch of fairy cakes and resisted the urge to eat the icing straight from the bag. The icing is a very generous bagful, it needs a massage first. You can choose a star shape or a swirl, the cutting guidelines are marked out clearly.

Then just swirl onto the cakes, I got a little greedy as you can see with the amount of icing, but hey I needed a big cake. The taste of the icing is just so good, fudgy and chocolate all in one. I was definitely in the family's good books.

I tried out the Renshaw Renshaw’s StrawberrySimplymelt on a few spare cakes what do you think?

This again is so easy to use, just heat to melt in the microwave then pour onto cakes, shortbread etc. Then decorate with whatever you fancy. (The marshmallow one Paige nabbed!)

Put the Icing on the Cake This Mother’s Day with Snip & Swirl

Show your mum how much you care this Mother’s Day with a special home-baked treat.

With the help of Renshaw’s Snip and Swirl, creating picture perfect cupcakes and cakes has never been easier. Simply snip the ready-filled bag of deliciously rich icing and swirl over the top.

Mums will adore the three lip-smacking flavours including indulgent vanilla,milk chocolate and smooth strawberry. And to add that extra creative touch, two different piping profiles allow for a circular or star shaped topping. 

So say goodbye to filling and washing out messy piping bags and look forward to simply snipping along the dotted line, swirling out the icing and with the minimum of fuss,creating the perfect Mother’s Day cake.

RRP: £2.49 per 400gpack (tops 12 cupcakes)

For recipe inspiration visit: www.mybakes.co.uk


  1. another great product - the chocolate ones look really yummy!

  2. Ooh they really are scrumptious!

  3. Cupcakes are my favourite! That choc icing looks delicious.

  4. I've never used piping bags - because of all the mess etc but the this looks really easy and they all look yummy!

  5. Great idea as I can never really be bothered to fill up, use and then wash my own icing bags, even though I have them!

  6. Handy! Piping bags can be such a nightmare to clean.