Monday, 27 February 2012

Proactiv Solution 3 now available at Boots

Spots and blemishes can really be a curse, you can wear your best outfit, your hair is fabulous but unsightly marks on your face shoulders and back can just totally ruin your confidence, trying to cover them up, seems mostly to just highlight them. Acne isn't just a teen dilemma it can hit all skin at any age.
We all know that treatment and prevention works best.

There are some good products out there a few I and Paige have tried just seem to make our skin taut and some have even caused stinging and dry patches.

When  I was offered the chance for us to try Proactiv Solution, I first read the comments by the Brand Ambassador Katy Perry.
She says " Blemishes really made me want to hide. I'd wear makeup to bed or stay in if I had a bad breakout. I've tried so many things and because I pride myself on being a real person - somebody who gives hugs, not handshakes, I want to tell people about my experience. Since I started using Proactiv, I've seen a massive change in my face and my confidence. I really believe in Proactiv"

Hailed as the ‘must have’ range by other A-list celebrities, such as  Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber, the world renowned Proactiv® Solution is now available exclusively at and in Boots Stores.

Well I have been using each day and unlike other spot treatments this does not dry the skin, it feels refreshing in a way, skin feels really clean and I haven't had my usual outbreak of spots that occur each month. 

The cleanser really gets into the pores and all the grime is gone. I have been using a very small amount twice a day on wet skin as instructed. When I first applied I felt I used too much and massaged it in, I feel its easier to apply lightly to damp skin and leave on for a few seconds. What I think is beneficial for the facial skin is rinsing with warm water after cleansing.

I did find that only once a day is sufficient for me face too, so the cost is greatly reduced as it will last for four months, this may not be advisable for all problem skin.

The toner is my favourite, it feels so fresh and wakes up my skin.
What I like is its a whole system that appears to look after my skin, not just zap spots, its gentle which I feel is the greatest benefit when using products on the face.
Again I used sparingly and once a day.

Paige has asked to try it now, she sometimes gets dry rash type patches if she uses any that are too harsh, so as a consequence has tried to just get on with it. We did a test patch on her damp skin in readiness , rinsed off and so far so good, she mentioned a tingling sensation but no further effects.

Its £39.99 this is for all three products and its two months supply so this compares very favourably to other products bought singly.

Proactiv® Solution was co-developed by leading dermatologists Katie Roden MD. and Kathy Fields MD.

The 3 Step System is a complete skincare solution that helps prevent breakouts in three simple steps, twice daily.
The ingredients in each step work together to cleanse the skin, help unclog pores and target the leading causes of breakouts.
  • Renewing Cleanser 120ml - This mild formula gently cleanses while tiny beads exfoliate skin cells to help unclog pores by removing dirt and impurities to reveal clearer skin.
  • Revitalising Toner 120ml - Our gentle toner removes excess oil whilst natural botanicals soothe and soften your skin
  • Repairing Treatment 60ml - This specially formulated, light lotion penetrates your skin to help clear blemishes and to prevent further breakouts.

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