Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Next comes the sunshine

Ditsy Rose Dinner Set

I am so fed up with this miserable gloomy weather, grey skies and cold air, people hurrying along heads down sheltering from the wind and rain.

I long for blue skies and gentle breezes.

Its at this time of year I look for bright homeware and big vases of flowers to lighten my living space and to cheer me up.

 Next has been getting ready for sunnier days too with some of their wonderful accessories.

I must say I love the spotty tablecloths. So much so here's one I bought earlier. (Cake eaten by model)

The Next tableware  has a whole range of spotty tablecoths  including a pastel pink seen in top image, blue and a lovely mink colour They are a great price too £16-£18.

Now on that table I would put  these glasses, they remind me of icecream sodas served in 50's diners, I think I would keep breaking into songs from Grease ..wella wella tell me more!

These Ditsy Rose Mugs are lovely for tea on the lawn in summer! £10 for 4.

If you can't wait and dash off for a few days to somewhere hot, then these sunny holdall will be ideal.

For me I will just have to wait for the sunshine a bit longer.


  1. You couldn't fail to spot your bag at an airport carousel!

  2. love the suitcases and the cake looks yummy too!