Monday, 20 February 2012

Monster Pet Supplies Review

Since Alfie came into our lives in December as well as giving us the chance to save a rescue dog and just know the sheer joy of having a puppy in the house, he has also taken to eating every item that he feels is his for the taking. He has also eaten into our monthly budget a fair amount too.

Not so much because he is chewing, more with cheap items we thought were great in the shop but when home and presented to an eager set of canine teeth rapidly demolished and into the bin as the stuffing is out and could cause a choke hazard.

So I have been looking for good quality chew toys for Alfie as well as leads and items to entertain, keep him stress free as he had a rough start and cries if we leave a room.

Monster Pets got in contact recently and offered me a chance to review products for them, well for Alfie to review and for me to write his reactions.

Monster Pet Supplies was created by a group of animal-loving pet owners who grew tired of paying veterinary prices for medication and high-street prices for everything else pet-related.

Monster Pet Supplies is a one-stop pet shop! There isn't anything I could see missing at all, the great thing also is express delivery and its free over £59 but for light items, a really food £1.99 for delivery. So for a few toys or treats it makes it good value too.

Ancol Dog Lips Plush Toy

This is not Alfie this is a puppy who is a master at posing nicely for his pic. Alfie is not so hot on this.
I chose a toy first that would give us some humour, as well as entertain Alfie. The Ancol Dog Lips Plush Toy is a very good price at £3.03, I have seen this this weekend for £5.50 in a shop so even with delivery its cheaper.

He adored it but not once have I managed to catch him with the teeth the right way round, but it still is above and beyond his favourite soft toy, he throws it around and brings it to rest on our legs and have a good chew, it has a squeak, which is Alfie's favourite toy too.

Petstages Heartbeat Pillow
RRP: £9.99Our Price: £8.33

The next thing I chose was something to soothe Alfie's anxiety at being left, I am at home most of the day but he even cries when I go upstairs or to the loo. This will pass, but at night he needs to settle. I think if you have a really mischievous pup as I do its possibly best to introduce this when they are sleepy, I showed Alfie it and he tore off with it throwing it in the air and then trying to get the battery pack out, which he nearly managed.

It has a heartbeat that is supposed to emulate a pups mum, this has given Alfie great interest and actually excites him. It goes off and he pounces on it to make it go again, so maybe I need to find another form of soothing, but this has been great as a toy.

For more genteel pups, I reckon this would be good and Alfie seems to get great pleasure out of it so we still win!

I am also reviewing a fabulous Rogz Dog lead which is a multi tasking accessory. Will be back next week with my verdict.