Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lily's Kitchen Proper Dog Food - Alfie and I Review

This review gave me a chance to film my large pup's madness!! When Lily's Kitchen offered me the chance to review some of their range of the first and only UK certified organic and certified holistic pet foods and treats I was expecting the products to be not only tasty for Alfie but healthy too.

He had a poor start before he got to us and was terribly underweight, he had a few tummy issues so after trying a few foods and discovering the shock that a lot had colourings and preservatives. We noticed he became very hyperactive with certain foods and treats and now we read all the packets in the same way I do for our own food. 

Firstly Alfie tried Venison and Wild Rabbit, now for me the aroma was good, a plus for any pet owner. Alfie howls when we feed him, partly his saluki blood and partly his still not being used to being fed enough. He has gradually stopped over the weeks as he knows he is being fed now, but two or three things that really get his nose scenting and being excited. Chicken any way it comes and he is very vocal and excited. Bacon and he is there jumping around panting.

He did this too with the Venison and Wild Rabbit  meal.

A good sign that it was going to be tasty.
I wish I could tell you more, but that's it, the food disappeared in a flash, not a smidgeon left and he moved his bowl around to see if he had dropped any, another sign its a good plate of food here.

We were given some treat for Alfie to try also.

What I was not expecting was the curious antics when we gave him the Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits. Its an organic night time biscuit using calm and soothing ingredients.

Alfie became very excited by them, he pawed at the biscuit, kept nudging it with his nose and at first we believed he perhaps did not like them. However he spent ages doing this and was not giving the biscuit up. It was hilarious and I wish I had filmed him the first time he did this.

Now he still plays with the biscuits but not as long and takes it off to his bed to suck on after this unusual activity.

A little video will show you him just before he went off to bed.

Oh and he has a sound nights sleep despite him seeming very excited.

 The treats are available in 150g packs for £3.95 and can be purchased from existing Lily’s Kitchen’s stockists as well as from the website or from homeopathic veterinary practices and organic food shops.

The biscuits, which are traditionally baked, use the finest organic ingredients – from fresh organic rye and oat flour to soothing chamomile and passion flowers which are renowned for their relaxing properties. Other ingredients include nutritional yeasts, organic yogurt and honey as well as sunflower oil all aim towards promoting a good night’s sleep.
In keeping with the company’s passion for developing proper pet food, the biscuits follow an extremely successful range of recipes which include ingredients sourced from growers who are committed to a sustainable environment.

Henrietta Morrison, founder of Lily’s Kitchen said: “Like us, dogs sometimes get a little peckish in the evening and our gorgeous bedtime biscuits won’t hype them up, in fact quite the opposite – they have been produced especially to help calm the stomach and the mind. I love giving Lily a small treat before we all go to bed! It’s also my way of saying goodnight and thank you for another lovely day with her.”

The Lily’s Kitchen pet food range for cats and dogs includes 13 recipes including Homestyle Chicken and Turkey Casserole, Goose and Duck Feast with Fruits for dogs and Organic Dinner with Fish for cats

Stockists include (, Harrods, Whole Foods market, Planet Organic as well as independent retailers and vets) and online from

The range includes:
Dog food

Slow Cooked Lamb Hotpot,
Beef, Potato and Vegetable Dinner
Homestyle Chicken and Turkey Casserole
Goose and Duck Feast with Fruits
Organic Chicken and Vegetable Bake
Organic Chicken & Spelt Supper
Organic lamb & Spelt Supper
Organic Beef & Spelt Supper
Organic Dinner for puppies

Cat food:
Organic Dinner with Fish
Organic Dinner with Chicken
Organic Dinner with Lamb
Organic Dinner for Kittens

Cheese and Apple
Power Flower
Bedtime Biscuits

Visit for further information on the full range of recipes available.


  1. Great review, your dog is cute and taking his job very seriously

  2. Have a skinny puppy too. But because he's a large breed I'm happier with skinny than plump because putting on weight too quickly can affect their joints when older.
    These biscuit treats sound good.

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  4. My pup loves Lily's Kitchen treats! We have a gorgeous doggy boutique about five minutes away and it stock loads of up-market treats and items, including doggie push chairs and luxury beds/carriers etc. I have spent a small fortune there - we have a spoilt little pooch!

  5. This is a great range of food
    Felicity kelly

  6. My dog lives the bedtime biscuits
    Felicity kelly