Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Heat Holders Review

It was a while ago that Paige and I tried and reviewed Heat Holders diverse, fashionable socks that keep your feet seven times warmer than normal cotton socks.

She had snatched the welly socks and I had the Gentle Grip socks. Read the first review just here

Now we have Alfie our rescue puppy to walk, Chris and I are braving the freezing weather and need all the warm accessories we can find.

  Whats great about these Heat Holders is they are not just warm  but they have extreme thermal qualities tog rating of 2.34 so your feet are fully insulated.

Chris has benefited with lovely warm feet and it certainly lengthened  the time we stay out walking.
Two things these socks do for me personally, as I mentioned on my last review is my aversion to woolly socks, they just set my teeth on edge.
It actually makes me throw most socks and gloves back in the drawer and I go out cold and at time in pain, daft but true.

What is fabulous about Heat Holders is the fleece lining, they feel like sheepskin inside, very soft and non irritating. Ideal for me as I can wear them and benefit from the warmness and don't get the urge to throw them away.

The second thing they do for me is helping to reduce symptoms of  Raynaud's Syndrome which I had mildly as a child and now much increased. 

Its a condition where the blood supply to the extremities usually the fingers and toes but sometimes also the ears and nose, is interrupted causing more pain than necessary.

I am in extreme pain and have even cried as all the blood cannot get to my toes and fingers. Two pairs of socks don't work, plus set my teeth on edge.

The Heat Holders prolong the time I can stay out before I get too cold, it means I have been able to walk Alfie longer.

 Heat Holders explain 'The inside of each sock has been intensively brushed, giving them a sensationally soft feel, while holding more warm air close to the skin, keeping your feet warmer for longer. With long pile cushioning and a gentle calf grip, these thermal socks will not only help keep feet comfortable but supported too.'

Despite their thickness I was surprised  that they fit in all my boots, where two pairs of socks tend to make it difficult and uncomfortable to do this. I have some great walking boots that are designed for a slender foot and even one pair of walking socks are too thick. Heat Holders are comfortable even with these. With the Met Office warning of severe cold weather for a few weeks to come, my feet are going to stay toastie warm.

Now all Heat Holders need to do, is make some womens gloves the same!

Available in men’s and women’s sizes, Heat Holders make a fantastic his and hers gift.

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