Thursday, 23 February 2012

From Me To You journal for Mothers Day

This is a truly wonderful gift that gives back to you, I am a sucker for family history, the personal kind, I love to know about the woman or man behind the title of Mum, Dad, Granny etc and this  Dear Mum, From Me to You journal makes it easy to record those gems forever. 
Also great is that all the money form the gift goes to hopefully gift cancer research, now this is a truly giving gift. 

It’s Mother’s Day in three weeks (18th March) and Cancer Research UK has a really wonderful To Mum  ‘From you to me ’journal available from its online shop –

Invite your Mum to complete this intriguing journal that will capture precious memories, experiences and family insights. It's a gift with a twist as once completed, you get it back! She will take a journey down memory lane thinking about her life and experiences with you and then returns it, for you and future generations to treasure. Each page prompts a question to be answered such as ‘where was your first holiday’, ‘what did you think when I was born’,‘what is your favourite family memory’, ‘what was your first job’ and much more, you can also add pictures into it too.

It’s only £9.99 (minus postage) and 100% of profits from the online shop go to Cancer Research UK for its life-saving work into beating cancer.


  1. Aww what a sweet idea! I have already bought a pressie for Mother's Day but I am tempted by this as well! Lovely for both of us :)