Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Avoid a car insurance claim - top tips for looking after your motor

Adequate car insurance gives you peace of mind – it means that if the worst happens your liabilities are covered. But the chances of avoiding a claim on your insurance – and thereby preserving your no claim discount – can be greatly increased by taking a few simple measures that help to protect both you and your car.

Be a safe driver
Watching your speed and adjusting your driving to the weather and road conditions, will help to make your journey a safe one.
Always stay within the speed limit – it’s a legal requirement, and for a good reason: speeding is responsible for 13% of all road accidents where somebody is hurt.
When it comes to alcohol, the easiest way to make sure you stay within the legal limit is to avoid it altogether, if you’re going to be driving. Also be very wary of driving the morning after a night out – allow enough time for all the alcohol to work its way out of your system before taking the wheel.
If you’re a new driver, you can help cut the risk of being involved in an accident by taking further instruction. Consider completing a course like ‘Pass Plus’ – it might also help lower your car insurance premium.

Be security conscious
Protect your car from theft and damage by parking it in a busy, well lit area. Don’t leave anything valuable on display – most thieves are opportunists.
Always remove ignition keys when you step out of your vehicle and never leave it unlocked, even if you’re leaving it unattended for only a short while.
Consider fitting anti-theft equipment and maybe even a tracking device in case the worst happens and your vehicle is stolen.
Increasing your car security will help deter thieves and, again, could lower the cost of your car insurance at the same time.

Look after your car
Don’t wait until your car’s next MOT to fix faults. Defects can cause accidents and, ultimately, risk lives.
Keep tyres properly inflated and check the tread regularly for wear. Monitor oil, coolant and other fluid levels, replenishing when necessary.
A dirty windscreen restricts your vision, particularly at night when car headlights can dazzle. Don’t let windscreen wash run dry, and always make sure you clean the inside of the windscreen as well as the outside. Wiper blades should be replaced as soon as they show signs of wear.
A well-serviced and maintained car should be safer and should last you longer, saving you money in the long run.

Get covered
A great way to protect your car is to make sure your insurance provides adequate cover. Not all car insurance policies are equal, so always read the small print to ensure that you have the best cover for your needs.


  1. Thanks for the tips. It's about time I learned a few things about my car.

  2. Good tips :) I was planning to do a Pass Plus course after my test, I never got round to it but I'm still a nervous driver so it would probably be a good idea!!

  3. I lost my liscence shortly after passing my test. Was caught speeding after a celebration. Obviously I didn't listen enough when I was being taught. Was incredibly foolish and it's important for people to know that driving is a responsibility and not a right.

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  4. A good driving record can certainly qualify you for lower car insurance rates. Responsible drivers pay less, bad drivers pay more.

  5. Car insurance helps defend drivers monetaryly against potential accidents which will end in sizeable financial price. Insurance policies, after all, square measure patronised by individuals owing to the financial security that it assures them. this is often additionally the rationale why most, if not all, automotive homeowners get their cars insured. However, not as a result of you've got a automobile insurance with a decent coverage doesn't mechanically mean that you simply will get them when you wish them. A wise insurance holder is aware of that there square measure sure circumstances once filing associate degree claim isn't the foremost possible issue to try to to.
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  6. About time, no thank you to the one week headstart though!

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  7. These tips can be helpful for me to avoid my car insurance claim and I will surely look forward to take care of them to keep my car in a brand new look.
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