Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Air Wick Air & Fabric with FreshBubbles™ Review

Well spring is definitely on its way as I'm currently reviewing lots of cleaning products and sprays.

I have reviewed lots of Air Wick room freshening products in the past the rather clever Air Wick Touch of Luxury Colour changing candles which were lovely over Christmas.

The Air Wick Odour Detect caused hilarity when we placed it next to Conor and it went off, see the reviews here

There are times when I like to use a quick blast of spray, having a puppy when he has just come in for a walk, after a meal, especially when visitors arrive etc.

Well Air Wick sent me a new spray to try and I was very pleased to receive an Air Wick Air and Fabric with FreshBubbles sweet pea spray.

Whats clever about this is two fold for me, its an air freshener, handy for any time, but its also a fabric freshener as the name says.
So its nice to spray a bit on the cushions and curtains to give a lingering fragrance.

Even more clever is that every time you sit down or brush past the curtains it continues to release bursts of freshness for up to 12 hours. 

A lot of air fresheners lose their scent in minutes, the Air Wick keeps on giving, a great new and very clever product. I will leave Air Wick to tell you how it works as they are better at it than me.

NEW Air Wick Air and Fabric with Fresh Bubbles™is new and unique to the air care category and is the only air freshener spray to use microencapsulated technology.

Combining two fragrance formulations within one product offers a dual benefit, with an effective instant action when sprayed in the air and microencapsulated bubbles that release the on-going fragrance when sprayed on fabrics.
Using technology previously used in some fabric softeners, fragrance is released for up to 12 hours as the bubbles are burst by your natural movement around the home.
If you have friends over you can now rest assured that you will not need to continue spraying to keep your home fresh throughout your day!  Air Wick Air & Fabric with Fresh Bubbles™will work with you to ensure that every time you sit down on your sofa, close the curtains to set the atmosphere for your favourite movie or just fluff your cushions, you will enjoy light bursts of your favourite nature-inspired fragrance.

NEW Air Wick Air and Fabric with Fresh Bubbles™comes in a range of fragrances, including the NEW Colours of Nature collection. Air Wick Colours of Nature range is inspired by the most vibrant scents and colours of nature that bring to life nature’splayfulness, colour and vibrancy. Leading the range is new Pink Sweet Pea fragrance, which captures the simple pleasure of a garden of freshly blooming flowers while creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

·        Air Wick Fresh Burst Bubbles are available at all major supermarkets

·        RRP£3.49
·        Last up to 12 hours and available in a range of four fragrances:
·        Pink Sweet Pea
·        Purple Lavender Meadow
·        Crisp Linen and Lilac
·        Ivory Freesia Bloom
·        Available in 345ml Plastic Bottle with propellant-free trigger
·        For more general brand information visit


  1. Not keen on putting artificial smells into the house, however, when the dogs had chicken.....this just might fit the bill!

  2. Sounds good, especially seeing as we have just got a new puppy... and she is adorable, but all dogs smell :(