Friday, 23 December 2011

Store Twenty One’s cosy accessories.

Wide Cuff Fair Isle Tunic£19.99
Hooded Scarf £12.99

From wearing very little with the Katie Price Boutique range, I am now covering up with Store Twenty One, this time I'm covering up with cosy accessories.

Fleece Fair Isle Hat

Chris bought one of the furry hats with ear flaps last year, it brought me memories of my Mum wearing a huge furry 70's style hat with fur bobble and me feeling embarrassed as friends laughed.

Seems he was ahead of the times as this year they are everywhere and come in all fabrics and patterns.

Animal Print Faux Fur Hat

I now love them, even more when I saw the selection and better still low prices from Store Twenty One.
Plus with a new puppy to walk on these cold mornings I feel  quite trendy amongst the dog walkers in their dark grey wool hats.
Moroccan Pashmina, £9.99

Moroccan Pashmina
There are bobble print hats, faux fur ear muffs and gorgeous pashminas
Fur Earmuffs £3.99
Faux Fur Earmuffs

The Moroccan pashmina is so well made and the pattern is stunning, it goes so well over my black coat to really make a statement. Paige has a new mustard colour winter coat and the colours work so well. meaning I can embrace this winter in style and comfort but not break the bank.

Scatter Flower Scarf £5.99
Scatter Flower Scarf

This scarf is pretty, very feminine and great to wear over a top and cardigan.
Black Fair Isle Mittens, £5.99

Black Fair Isle Mittens,

Hands are not going to be cold this year with the up to date mittens that are soft and look so good.

Mittens £5.99


Finally to my favourite of the range, this gorgeous bobble hat, its looks lovely, generally I have an aversion to wool hats near my face. This wool is smooth and soft.
Multi Knit Bobble Hat £6.99

Multi Knit Bobble Hat

Find the whole range and these are just a taste at your local Store Twenty One or online at

Stockist details:
0121 746 7000


  1. I have to get me that animal print hat its gorgeous the prices are really good.

  2. Ooh lovely, I love the fleecy Fair Isle hat!

  3. Amazed at the range and more so at the prices. I love this shop, coats are good too.

  4. Like the Scatter Flower scarf.

  5. Wow, animal print hat looks fantastic. With current weather problems we may need it soon.

  6. Have never shopped in Store 21 as there is not one close but might have a nosy at their online site. I love buying cosy things once the autumn is here!

  7. Love the dress in the top picture, although it'd probably come down to my knees!

  8. Really like the hooded scarf, have never heard of the store before :)