Monday, 26 December 2011

Random Act of Kindness

Relaxed and you can't see the ribs anymore

As some of you know we have taken in a rescue puppy saved from destruction, he is adorable, cute, 5 months old and because of where he's been (Who really knows) has really only known kennels and playing roughly with his brothers. he came to us very ill and desperately underweight and has turned our lives upside down, there have been tears, whines and baring of teeth (not the puppy, all from us) as we adjust to the mayhem that is Alfie!)

He bounded into our lives two weeks ago and has bounded wherever he feels he needs to be, he does not know that my kitchen sides are taboo really. He wees where he feels is good and chews everything his teeth like the feel of.

All these things are slowly being worked through to make him a true young gentleman and not one of us would be without him, we really feel we have done a great thing in saving him and as Christmas looms, minus a nativity scene that Alfie was fond of, we feel we have a great gift.

No, ours is not the act of kindness in the title.
My laptop has been sorely neglected as Alfie demands a lot of care being ill and suffering separation anxiety if I walk out of a room, however it gained his attention on Sunday when he had a little nibble.

Its enough to put it out of action, I was not too panicky as I had a faulty adaptor and lead a while back, I settled on one on Amazon, from a  business seller called  Chargers4U (click on the name for their shopfront) who sent one, it came so fast, was a quarter of the price if I'd bought from the manufacturer and worked well.

So I contacted them this time to replace the cord I explained I only needed part of the unit as Alfie had chomped one piece.

This is the reply I received

Dear Jo,

I am sorry we do not sell the power cord by itself. But do not worry, as an animal lover myself and seeing as it is XMAS, I will send you a new power cord free of charge today :) could you please get back to me with your Amazon order ID so I can send it straight away?
Thank you and have a lovely day

Do you know how amazed I felt? I was a little tearful that a total stranger and not to mention business could be so kind. 

This Christmas I have had my faith truly restored in the good seen in others, friends and family aside, its the act of a stranger that can make you feel so good.

I review products here and customer service regularly as a mystery shopper and auditor, so I feel its fitting to feature the lovely Chargers4U

Thank you


  1. What a lovely gesture and the sort of personal touch that makes you want to be truly loyal to a business.
    And Alfie looks gorgeous.

  2. What a lovely thing for a business seller to do. In this day and age where greed is a real problem in our society, this sort of act of kindness is rare.

  3. Lovely having a little new pooch!

  4. What a lovely post, random acts of kindness should be a religion!:)

  5. Hope your puppy is doing well now and has lots of puppy fat! Our puppy is 9 weeks and not house-trained. He also chews everthing, especially the bars of our nest of tables, aargh.

  6. Hi Maya, thanks for asking, aww you have a puppy too, how lovely.
    He is 9 months now, weighs 20 kilos doubled in size and height no way is he a little lurcher, house trained finally. Thinks all food is his by rights and we are his chew toys. Its St Patricks day today and as he is rescued from destruction and starvation in Ireland he is hopefully celebrating too!

  7. You know if everyone was that bit nicer the world would be such a better place to live in. That was such a sweet gesture, and i know this post was written in 2011, but i hope Alfie is still with you and having a great time, my dog passed away in April so enjoy every minute you have with Alfie :)

  8. How is Alfie doing now? Our puppy dog is a 1 year old, still picks up childrens' toys, remote controls, has chewed through our carpet on the stairs, ripped up the vinyl in the kitchen. Dogs are v. expensive LOL!!

  9. Wow, what a nice touch. I love when things like this are happening and I also try to do something nice like this myself

  10. Heartwarming, what a lovely dog I don't think I could live without mine she has been a real support when things were really bad with my MG. :)