Friday, 9 December 2011

Plenty The Big One saves my day!


I received a rather cool present from Juan Sheet (This is another name I snigger at) and it came the day after we took on a rescue puppy, who possibly should have been called Manny Sheets!!

The Plenty has been out Plenty of times already and has been a brilliant roll to use, saved a lot of my time dealing with the many accidents Alfie the puppy has had.

The size of the Big One tackles little and big puddles.

I have always used two sheets of paper for mop ups and this new larger taller sheet has put a stop to that. It soaks up so much liquid and I am less stressed out with house training.

As its wet and muddy out and we are obviously in and out training Alfie, a big Plenty sheet has again been a help.  I am sold on this new kitchen sheet, it has certainly helped me.
With Christmas right around the corner, now is the time people start to experiment in the kitchen ahead of the start of the party season. But as we all know, drink spills and stressful kitchen experiences can take some of the fun out of parties.

To make your Christmas entertaining stress-free, choose Plenty, the UK’s No.1 household towel* which has unique strength and absorbency that you can rely on.

To help you tackle even the trickiest Christmas entertaining tasks, check out a few of Plenty’s top tips.

Ensure your windows and mirrors are looking sparkly and smear-free by cleaning them with a little white vinegar and buffing to a shine with Plenty.

To stop pre-packed salad leaves going soggy in the bag, pop a sheet of Plenty inside with the leaves and put straight back in the fridge!

Wrap a sheet of Plenty around a ruler or thin piece of
wood to dust behind radiators or under the telly then rub over the area with a sheet of Plenty.

Pop a lemon wedge into a bowl of water and microwave
for three minutes. Stand for a few minutes, then wipe
inside the microwave, with a sheet of Plenty to clean
surface grease and freshen up.

Place a couple of sheets of Plenty over a saucepan of almost-cooked rice. Leave for five minutes and the sheets will absorb the excess.

Need to clean up your canine friend after a long walk? Use Plenty, The Big One to dry wet dogs after a walk in the rain, then throw away the sheet rather than having smelly wet towels to deal with.
Keep your car spotless with Plenty The Big One, from wiping dashboards to polishing wheel trims, the larger sheets will tackle those larger tasks.
Cleaning your conservatory before the frost sets in? Buff up your conservatory windows using a sheet of Plenty, The Big One. Moisten a sheet with vinegar and dry with a fresh sheet for smear-free windows.
Muddy footprints trailing through your house? Plenty The Big One’s extra-large sheets are perfect for quickly wiping away those annoying marks!
For more great tips and ideas on how to use Plenty for all your cleaning needs, visit
* *IRI Data 52 w/e 10th September 2011.


  1. I just read the next few paragraphs. It is my opinion you add a considerable amount of energy to build this particular post. I really thank you for get the job done.

  2. Think I will have to try this as I use the cheapest stuff at the minute but get through so much of it! :(

  3. I also use the cheap stuff. Sometimes the sheets are so small they're laughable! Plenty looks good and long lasting.