Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oscar Neo Living Juicer

This rather beautiful Oscar Neo Living Juicer,  looking rather space age like arrived with me last weekend. As you know Chris and I have lost lots of weight between us and are on a healthy eating plan, so a juicer is ideal for us.

The Oscar Neo is a little above the usual juicers though.
The Oscar Neo Living Juicer is the new  and most advanced of their non-centrifugal juicers!
The latest model Oscar Neo DA 1000 features single gear, 3 step auger crushing system, with mortar and pestle action to keep those vital nutrients alive for 48 hours.
Its gentle, slow-turning action produces greater quantities of juice and retains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre!
When I discovered not only will it make juices,  soups, healthy sweet snacks but amazingly it also minces and makes pasta. So this becomes a much more useful appliance for me.
We opened the box and honestly within minutes it was set up, I found it very easy to work out from the pictorial instructions. 

 We had oranges and apples to hand so excitedly we started to use it.
Its very quiet and when the fruit came through in seconds, juice pouring almost instantly, we realised its worth.

I did try banana without thinking about the fact that banana has no juice of any sort, so it struggled, not the machine as it carried on juicing other fruits by the banana in the juicing area, I did email Vitality4Life to ask if it was best not to use banana.
I was most impressed as they emailed me and gave this reply.

Hi Jo,

Bananas are not very good at being juiced, all you will get is just a mushy substance.

Which juicer do you have? If you have the Oscar 900 or the NEO then the best way to get goodness out of bananas is use them in bliss balls. The bliss balls are used with the mincing screen. You will need some assorted nuts, raisins and a banana. Is you alternate the nuts raisins and banana it will all come out the end as a sticky substance, take bits and mix into balls then cover in desiccated coconut. This is a great snack and so healthy!

I hope this will help!

Happy Juicing!

Kindest Regards,

It has come in handy this week as Chris has had a terrible cold, I was looking through the recipes on the website and spotted this

Vitamin C Thriller with Grapefruits

When you feel a cold is on the run, quickly grab yourself this juice twice a day! The best thing is to feed the whole family and friends with this juice so their immune system gets a little help as well. Usually when your body needs a particular substance to stay healthy it will love the taste of the food containing that particular substance. It’s not uncommon to develop an urge to drink this juice when you feel a bit run down or stressed.
* 2 yellow grapefruits
* slice of ginger
* 2-3 green apples
* slice of lemon
Machine set up:

* First place the living juicer Juicing Strainer into the drum, then onto the screw. Attach the drum cap onto the end of the drum by turning it counter clockwise until you feel it sits firmly. Then screw the Juicing Nozzle onto the drum cap turning it counter clockwise onto notch 0.
* Place your Juice Pitcher under the Juice Outlet and place the other pitcher under the machines Pulp Discharge Outlet in order to catch the pulp.
* Always be sure to start the machine before you enter anything into the Guide and keep the machine running until finished.
Preparation instructions:
* cut the apples into 6 pieces and remove the core
* peel the grapefruits and leave the pithy white part on
* juice the fruits with the ginger going in first on notch 2
Preparation time: 10 min
Yields: 2 glasses

Notice the simple method, with set up to glass taking  only moments Chris had a immune system boost that we think really helped. Oh and it tasted fabulous.

I am looking forward to trying soups as well. I will leave you with the info about the Oscar Neo below and suggest it would make a fab Christmas present!

The gift that Santa should open before Christmas to make sure he can get down those chimneys to deliver it on time!
Just what do you get the health junkie, the fitness fanatic, or the one who's a sucker for a funky kitchen gadget?
The answer to their prayers for Christmas could just be the answer to your Christmas present buying dilemma.   The  Oscar Neo Living Juicer
And, what makes it even more perfect is that it will arrive not just on time for the aftermath of Christmas excesses, it will be right on time to
start that New Year Detox.
Oscar Neo DA 1000 Ultem Tough Juicer
Oscar Neo Living Juicer

It still performs such a multitude of tasks like juicing, grinding, ice cream making, pasta and noodle making and much much more.

Besides our beautiful new Euro design with retractable carry handle and jazzy 4 colours to choose from - red, black, chrome and   , the new modern, ultem tough Oscar Neo features a pulp adjusting knob!
The new pulp adjusting knob means that you now have control over the pressure that is inside this amazing machine. It means that the Oscar Neo puts you in control of crushing and squeezing the cellulose wall of your fruit and vegetables to release the maximum amount of enzymes and nutrients into your juice.

A whizz in the kitchen, this is what the new Living Juicer does ...

Juicing Fruit and Vegetables...
The Oscar NeoNeo efficiently juices soft and hard fruits, even citrus fruits, juice limes, skin and all!

Wheatgrass, aloe leaves and other herbs...
Wheatgrass, aloe leaves, pine needles and other medicinal herbs can be juiced with the Oscar Neo!
Great for mincing; chops and minces a wide range of foods...

The Oscar Neo chops and minces meat, garlic, scallions, red pepper, ginger, radish and many other foods, including herbs and seasonings. Organic baby foods or soft foods for palliative care are quick and easy to prepare with the blank screen provided
Makes fresh pasta...
You can make delicious fresh pasta and noodles in just minutes with the handy pasta nozzles and some fresh juice added in for extra nutrition!
Makes healthy desserts and sorbets - 100% Natural...

You can make healthy desserts and sorbets without feeling guilty as they are crammed with extra nutrition and 100% natural!
Nut butters, hommus and tahinis...

You can make a range of Nut Butters with the Oscar Neo! Try cashew, hazelnut, hommus and tahini's!
RRP:  £299.00
The Oscar Neo and the 930 are available from Vitality4Life.  Visit for mail order


  1. Thats so cool, I love that it does more than just juice. Expensive but a little better if you can mince meat, that would be good. Interested to hear what its like making pasta, do you put the dough in and it comes out in shapes?

  2. I want one for Christmas it looks so cool

  3. I am buying this for a great start to New Year detox, thanks for the review came across you from Google and its very informative thanks.

  4. Is it wrong that I want one just because it's so shiny?!

    Great review :)