Thursday, 22 December 2011

No.3 London Dry Gin

From the moment I set eyes on the No 3 London Dry Gin I knew I was going to be savouring something a little special. I was sent a bottle to see in the New Year and after drinking a glass I am almost wishing Christmas away, seriously its good.

The solid square shape with heavy shoulders, the almost British racing Green glass all point towards quality. The fact that the team who make it are led by the only man in the world to have a PHD in gin, how cool!

I adore the key set into the bottle and almost hoping I would have to solve a riddle to unlock the secrets of the bottle. Its still a nice story as to its presence.

The inspiration for the key comes from that used to open the door of ‘The Parlour’ – one of the oldest rooms in the Berry Brothers’ shop, which has stood in St. James’ since 1698. Notable dignitaries who have dined there over the centuries include Lord Byron, Napoleon III and William Pitt.

Well as you know by now I love to know the history of a brand or product, how it got its name I have to know why and I like to dig about and get the feel of  the food or drink before I try! I  read that Berry Brothers and Rudd, Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchants (established in 1698).

From the fact that it is named after Berry Brothers’ home, No.3 St. James’s Street and the merchant’s 3 centuries of heritage, through to its use of just 3 fruits and 3 spices (the ‘botanicals’ which flavour every gin), the significance of the number to this premium gin is inescapable. In fact, though purely by coincidence, even the team of outside experts who Berry Brothers gathered to help create the gin was comprised of 3 men and 3 women.

The pine taste of the juniper is good, what brings this to one of the best I have tasted is the orange sweet yet zesty flavour, regular readers know I am mad on a citrus flavour. It has grapefruit in which gives it an extra something, it is almost like a good Sauvignon Blanc. I can really taste the spices and looking then up, one of my favourites is there coriander from Morocco, along with Cardamon seeds and Angelica root.

Limiting the ingredients bucked the current multi-botanical trend (anywhere between 8 and 12 is common) and instead harked back to a traditional taste of gin – fittingly, given its maker’s impressive history.
The mix of these fresh and crisp flavours, led by juniper and combined with a strength of 46%, has resulted in an end product that Berry Brothers call the ‘last word’ in gin for the classic Dry Martini - as well as that ‘everyday’ gin cocktail favourite, the G and T.

No.3 is now available at Waitrose stores nationwide; RRP of £33.65 for a 70cl bottle.


  1. Presenatation is quite something however not a gin drinker so not able to try. Would be interesting for fruits drinks to make their products look as original.

  2. I like gin and tonic on a Friday evening. Nice bottle.

  3. I love gin and bitter lemon, such a fab citrus burst.Its a gorgeous gin, still recommend it.

  4. I love Gin. It is for sure my drink :-)

  5. I realise I'm a little late commenting on this Jo, but I like Gin at the best of times (Rum too as it happens). Some Gins are just better than others though and guess what I was bought for this Christmas? That's right, I was really treated this year as I unwrapped a bottle of said no.3 London Gin. Gorgeous!

  6. Not a big fan of gin, but that may be because I've only ever had the cheap stuff!