Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kalms Day Pocket Pack: A Pocket Sized Solution for Women on the Go

As the well-known saying goes, “a woman’s work is never done”. I find with a new puppy who came from a rescue center and is high maintainence, teens and tired husband, my running around is at maximum capacity. I like that  Kalms Tablets are a traditional plant remedy containing the herbs Valerian, hops and gentian. These are known to help with the symptoms caused stress. Kalms Tablets can relieve worry and irritability

Whether it’s fitting in demands from work, the school run, picking up the weekly shop, or simply keeping on top of your to do list, everyday living can be a real juggling act with never-ending stresses and strains that only add to the chaos. Its making us feel jittery just thinking about it!

Luckily Kalms, the herbal remedy which helps relieve worry, irritability and the stresses of everyday life has launched a brand new product to fit neatly into any hectic lifestyle (and handbag)… Kalms Day Pocket Pack.

A new and improved tablet formulation offers smaller tablets and a lower daily dosage of one tablet three times a day, making it easier to fit into daily routines. The tablets contain a unique combination of plant extracts that help you to cope with the stresses of everyday living. They are contained in an innovative slide out blister pack which is perfect for carrying around with you as you go about your daily life and protects the blisters from damage in your handbag.

Hilary Lynn, a spokesperson for Kalms, said: “The new Kalms Day Pocket Pack allows today’s modern women to carry Kalms in their handbag more easily, rather than leaving them in the bathroom cabinet at home. Kalms Day is a herbal remedy to help relieve your stress symptoms whilst getting on with your day-to-day tasks – so that’s one less thing to worry about. Loyal Kalms users can still rest safe though, as the standard pack sizes will still be available for home use.”

Kalms Day Pocket Pack is available in blister packs containing a two week supply of 42 tablets, RRP £5.10.

Kalms is manufactured by LanesHealth, a family owned business based in Gloucester.
Kalms Day is a traditional herbal medicinal product for the temporary relief of stress symptoms such as mild anxiety. Based on traditional use only.


  1. have u tried these out? I have been tempted a few times but often find things are not what they say on the packet lol

  2. Would they make you drousy? Mind you, I could do with some at the moment.

  3. I might try these... been using Rescue Remedy lozenges but they don't have much of an effect!

  4. I could do with dome Kalms, but am worried about becoming reliant on anything albeit a herbal remedy.

  5. I'm rather wary of things like this should they become addictive :)