Thursday, 8 December 2011 Stocking Fillers sent me a Christmas Stocking filler recently if you are unfamiliar with them, they were the first UK company to make business gifts and promotional products instantly more accessible over the internet.

They do sell some of the fab items individually, as well as the usual mugs, pens, brollies, mouse mats the individual items make perfect Christmas presents.

I was sent the very nifty Antler trivet with magnets
The trivets have a magnetic centre, so when carrying your pans the trivet stays securely in place. The silicon tips ensure that the pans stand securely on the table. What makes them lovely for this time of year is they look like Rudolf's antlers. I think these are so very clever.

 They are great for popping the pan on top and if space is at a premium where you are dishing a meal, you just pick up the pan and place anywhere without having to look for a heatproof surface. Its already attached.

 Each set contains two trivets.

Ideasbynet is a leading supplier of promotional merchandise, who primarily specialise in B2B branded merchandise. For the  Christmas promotion, however, I am showcasing a  product which is available to order individually.

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