Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Genie Bra Review

GENIE BRA is basically fantastic  for giving a  smooth silhouette and I love it, I hate clothes where you see a 'muffin top' and that horrible overhang around bra straps, it can happen whatever your size. I have lost weight recently dropping from a size 14 to a size 8 and trying on new bras for my less voluptuous figure still has bras looking like I am too fat for it.

The Genie bra is lovely and soft to wear, the comfort makes it invisible and yet it has a lovely moulded cup so you still get that lift if you like your bra that way.

Paige has asked for one for her sports days as its so comfortable for her.

No back fat, lumps and bumps – basically the equivalent to spanx for your chest! The importance of the right bra is often easily forgotten, it effects your whole look, posture, the outfit you’re wearing and can make a lot of women feel very self conscious.

Back View
Front View

It aims to give the perfect silhouette concealing lumps and bumps particularly the ‘Bra Shelf’ many women get just under the base strap, which can hinder any outfit as well as a woman’s confidence, think of it as the equivalent to spanks for the upper body!

Over 80% of women are in fact wearing the incorrect bra having a negative effect on their posture. Designed to conform with each individual’s shape the GENIE BRA gives comfort and support where you need it most.
Genie Bra RRP: £39.95 (3 pack – Black, Nude and White)

GENIE BRA can be found in Tesco and BHS


  1. Sounds great, it's amazing how many bras are incredibly uncomfortable!!

  2. It's so hard to find a good bra.