Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ecover scoops Platinum Award and a new Makeover

 I wasn't surprised to hear that for the second year running, eco-friendly cleaning brand Ecover has been awarded the prestigious Prima Baby Platinum Award and has been recognised as the Green Brand of the Year!
I have tried Ecover and have always been impressed, I also love the new packaging, I think a high award is always an excuse to put on a new outfit and Ecover have done so.
Washing up liquid

Ecover kindly sent me a Pomegranate and lime washing up liquid, wow its lovely smells good enough to eat, sorry my citrus addiction kicks in. Its such a lovely fresh fragrance. The cleaning power is as good as Ecover always does, cleans greasy pots and tackles baked on food too.

I was sent the limescale remover too, it still amazes me most of all, limescale is such a toughie to remove, yet a naturally healthy and environmentally friendly product gets to grips with hard scale deposits and eats them up literally.

It really brings my bathroom to a sparkling finish.

Best bit of all after using absolutely no chemicals, the new packaging is not going to be a burden on the planet either.
Its made from Plant-astic, a renewable, reusable and recyclable plastic made from sugarcane,  it seems so wonderful that a bottle is made from plants, I keep squeezing them to see if I can tell, but I cannot. This innovative packaging makes Ecover the first cleaning brand in the UK to use it - a revolutionary step in the cleaning market!

I love the new packaging and I like the gorgeous washing up liquid, the limescale remover is tops so its another well done from me.

The awards, voted for by readers of the magazine, have now chosen the cleaning brand as the best green brand in both 2010 and 2011. Ecover’s range of cleaning and laundry products have ticked all the right boxes for mums and mums-to-be who think Ecover’s products are a best buy for performance and best for value when it comes to being green. 

Awarded best buy because “the products work really well, while being kind to the environment” and awarded best value because “the products help make ‘going green’ easy and affordable” – the readers of Prima Baby love Ecover’s plant and mineral-based products to help make their lives that little bit easier.

Emma Bennetts, Ecover brand manager commented, “Becoming a mum often means that you re-evaluate your purchase choices – you want to make sure that the products you buy do the job and make your life easier, but without any chemical nasties entering the home. We are thrilled that Ecover products are the favourite of mums and mums-to-be across the UK – watch this space for more great products as we enter the New Year!”

 Ecover has also recently launched its new online shop, which means you can save time when looking for your favourite laundry and cleaning products and at a click of the button have them delivered to your door!  I know how time consuming the weekly shop can be so thought this is would be of interest to you for readers as a time saving and convenient tip! The launch of Ecover Direct is the latest development in giving Ecover users an easier and cost effective way of getting their hands on the products they need with the added bonus of no more heavy shopping bags to carry.


  1. I haven't tried this range yet. Sounds great. I must give it a go.

  2. i have used a few things in this range and have been pretty impressed!