Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Charbrew launches premium range

Speciality Teas, Fruit Teas and Caffeine Free Teas brought to you by CharBrew 

Specialist tea brand Charbrew has introduced a new range of premium teas and herbal infusions.

I tried a couple of teas recently the sweet and very moreish Strawberries and Cream and a Charbrew Original blend which contains roasted almonds, pineapple, papaya and popcorn. The new teas are right up my street. They have the lovely breakfast tea which I always enjoy, a nice strong cuppa to set me up for the day!

Made with vibrant ingredients sourced from around the world, Charbrew’s new premium teas will bring an aromatic and fresh full-tasting tea experience to enjoy with every cup.

Teas available in the new range are:

Whole Leaf English Breakfast Tea
Created with a blend a carefully picked tea leaves from the lush green gardens in Sri Lanka.

Whole Leaf Earl Grey
A truly royal quality tea made with large leaves blended into a cup.

Whole Leaf Peppermint Tea
This fresh and fragrant first class quality cup delivers large leaves which have been carefully blended to keep you refreshed.
Whole Leaf Chai Tea
Brought overfrom the Indian Sub-Continent, this Chai tea encapsulates the true traditional taste of this famous spiced tea in one single cup.
Whole Leaf Green Tea
Created withselected leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush, this green tea delivers a light subtle infusion with a delicate fragrance.
Whole Herb Camomile Tea
Charbrew has selected an exceptionally light Camomile crop to deliver a subtle touch of flowers to this delicate infusion.
As with all of Charbrew’s products, our teas contain only the finest whole leaves, whole flowers, real pieces of fruit and spices.
Priced from £4.99, the range is now available online at www.charbrew.com.


  1. Strawberries & cream sounds interesting! Thanks for the review.

  2. My mum buys this brand and loves it!

  3. Sounds really interesting, I would never have associated strawberries & cream with tea :)