Thursday, 1 December 2011

Baileys Biscotti

Baileys, the original Irish cream liqueur, has released a new, Italian inspired Baileys Biscotti flavour.

My Baileys passion like many other peoples is always a bit higher when they introduce a new flavour, this year on the Facebook page they kept us all guessing as to what it would be, every now and then handing out a clue.
I was pleased  with their new flavour, biscotti!
Baileys very kindly sent me a bottle this weekend to try for myself.
Its a lovely creamy glass, the familiar taste of Baileys, is followed up perfectly by a biscuit taste and almonds.
The biscotti flavour is a perfect companion to the Baileys creaminess, it seems a Christmassy drink, especially if you  follow the tip below of grating orange zest in the glass its really very good.
Only problem with this new flavour, I want to guzzle it and savour it all at once. Not sure which one will win. I imagine the fact that its a strong tipple will keep me in check, but only just!
A delicious blend of velvety smooth and luxuriously rich Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur infused with the flavour of traditional double baked Italian biscuits, Biscotti.
It’s perfect for sharing so kick back, pour yourself and your friends a glass and enjoy – it’ll be amore at first sip!

New Baileys Biscotti flavour tastes best served simply over ice, or to add that little something extra for you and your friends, try grating some orange zest over the top to garnish.

This combination creates a perfect harmony between the beautifully smooth taste of Baileys Biscotti and the twist of citrus orange*.
Baileys Biscotti flavour is the latest in the Baileys range which also consists of Original, Baileys Hazelnut, Baileys with a Hint of Coffee and Baileys with a Hint of Mint Chocolate.
New Baileys Biscotti flavour is available in supermarkets from September 2011 with RRPs of £14.95 for 70cl or £20.86 for 1L. Cin Cin!

Why not try the delicious new flavour for yourself?

Oh and on a separate note you can win a box of Baileys cupcakes, 50 sets given away each day on the Facebook page!!

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  1. I got a sample of this and it was lovely!

  2. This sounds lovely, think I might need to get some for my mum as she loves normal Baileys and she loves Biscotti hehe :)

  3. I have yet to try this - two years later. I can see how Biscotti goes with Bailey's, mmmm.