Monday, 19 December 2011

Aldis at Christmas Review

Festive Foods are so good at Aldi this year, we were sent a lovely hamper of treats to try. I long ago stopped being a bit of a brand snob, well apart from a couple of faves. The Aldi quality is good, I regularly buy the super 6 fruit and veg as for 69p or occasionally 39p for a bag of apples, new potatoes of pound of leeks, why give the supermarket your hard earned cash I say.

At Christmas its even more of a necessity to spend wisely I believe.  I expect some nice treats this time of the year and would splash out a little, until last year with the Aldi Christmas treats I received. Then I knew that they have good food that is comparable to the big brands and on occasion better.

We found that all the products sent were as good as anywhere else and for some way better than we have had with even premium brands.

Firstly the best shop bought mince pie I have ever tried has to be the Specially Selected Mince pies. The pastry is buttery crisp outside and soft on the inside and a lovely deep layer of mincemeat with a lovely taste of brandy. Will be getting some more of these in, seriously try these love sweet Christmas treats.

Specially Selected Mince Pies - £1.69, Pack of 6

The epitome of Christmas, no dinner table is complete without an abundance of mince pies. Aldi Specially Selected Mince Pies are filled with the finest Mediterranean fruit, which has been dried naturally in the Mediterranean sun, then laced with French Brandy and a hint of mixed spice for a festive kick. The luxurious filling is wrapped in an all-butter pastry and oven baked until golden brown.

The Rioja is already a favourite here, Chris tried it a while back, its funny we have long looked at the wine, I was the first to try a bottle of Pinot Grigio and actually loved it as much as my favourite. So trusting the quality we do try our favourite grape blends. Its a full spicy wine and he says it has real depth.

New! Baron Amarillo Rioja Reserva 2006 - £5.99, 75cl
This latest wine is a full-bodied, classic Rioja Reserva, which has been carefully aged in oak casks for three years and has intense red fruits leading to hints of blackcurrant and cherry. Add to this the perfectly balanced festive flavours of fine vanilla and oak spices, and you have the perfect accompaniment to Christmas roast meat dishes.

Philippe Michel Crémant du Jura Sparkling Chardonnay - £6.99, 75cl

The Chardonnay at £6.99 is a bargain especially when you see the awards it has gained., it  is crisp, taste like apples and lemons to me and would be great with turkey on the big day.
A multi-award winning wine, Philippe Michel Crémant du Jura is a decadent sparkling Chardonnay, worthy of any festive celebration.


These Stollen Bites at a low £1.99 for a packet are moist, the sweet dried fruits running through lead to a marzipan centre and are the ideal treat with a cuppa. Being individual mini treats is ideal as I find the larger cakes dry out too much.

Talking of mini we were sent the  Mini Panettone in a classic cake and a choc chip version is the perfect size to have with that cuppa. I noticed Aldi have a large version if you love this too. Its perfectly light and sweet. Not too dry and will have you popping back for another piece.

My final discovery was a bag of hand cooked crisps. These are light crisp, have a home cooked quality and flavour and ideal with a salsa dip.

My Christmas is going to be full of Aldi goodies,I just purchased a lovely Orange and Cranberry steamed pudding there which is so good, I have bought a couple more items, the jar of Stilton is a lovely treat too at an amazing £2.69.

Also today fresh turkey arrives in store a 4-4.8 kg bird for £19.99 and fresh turkey crowns for £7.89 a kilo 

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  1. Aldis have fantastic bargains. I don't live very near an Aldis but still try to make an effort to go there as it's so good value for money.