Thursday, 17 November 2011

WorldFoods Taste Team Challenge Indonesia - Nasi Goreng

Indonesia is the penultimate stop in my WorldFoods Taste Team challenge, if you've been reading the posts myself and other bloggers in the UK, US and Asia have been on a culinary journey around East Asia.

This is where my favourite dish lives , I have three real meals that really make me happy, Jambalaya, Singapore Fried Rice and Nasi Goreng.

Indonesia has a wide range of influences and they are also the islands where many popular dishes are said to have originated, satay being one of them.

I couldn't wait to make this dish and have actually already used the WorldFoods paste in the past, so for me it was a inch to cook. I added chicken, my  children's favourite meat and Jumbo King prawns, I chose Jumbo so I could fish them out from Paige's plate as she does not like them.

What I loved about this paste and ingredients was the ease to cook, we spent a day in Cambridge on Saturday, before I went, I  cooked the rice, sliced the chicken and left the prawns to defrost.

We came in quite late, I was glad I had just to fry the paste

Add the chicken,

then prawns

 finally the rice.

I also added cooked peas, next time I may add peppers and spring onions just to make this a little more healthy.
While that was happening Chris made an omelette for the decoration,
unfortunately he shredded the omelette into tiny pieces so the adornment isn't the best.

But the taste was.

We all were silent as we ate our dinner, not a rice grain was left and in the top family favourite meals.

Next stop Japan

You can follow Worldfoods Fusion Taste Team on Twitter @fusiontasteteam and don't forget to check out the Wordfoods Facebook Page. You will see lots of other bloggers trying out the same dish in different ways. Its really fascinating to see the different takes on a theme.

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