Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Winners Mantis Instant Shine Set Giveaway #54 Ends 07/11

Thanks to JML for the two prizes of a set of Mantis Shine, this  clever and effective waterless cleaner was recently reviewed by us, Chris put in the practical trial. I wrote his and my thoughts. We were impressed with how good our car looked, especially as he often drives onto pretty muddy sites as part of his work.
He now is pestered to keep up the shine but to be honest the spray is so good, its not much effort at all.

Now onto the two lucky recipients of a bottle of Mantis Shine and a set of cleaning cloths which are as good as the cleaner.

Piper and Daisy aka @piperanddaisy
Isis1981uk aka @Isis1981uk

Well done please send your details within the next week to my email address found under my photo up at the top right.

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