Tuesday, 29 November 2011

WIN Scotch Pop Up Tape Hand-bands Giveaway 57 Ends 12th December

Scotch Pop Up have a lovely giveaway for my readers. I reviewed the Scotch Pop-Up Tape  back in May, so pleased when they asked me to feature it again.

Its such a great help when I am doing the dreaded wrapping this time of year, I get tape all over the place, stuck to my hair, too much pulled off and then its ticks all over, not enough and you can hear my curses. I adore buying presents and giving them, but when you see the mess I make, well you would laugh.

The hand- band dispenser is a total barrier to me getting stuck together.
the tape comes out in hand even strips and as its on the back of your hand, it frees up a hand for wrapping.

Scotch kindly have offered five followers a Hand-Bands and a refill each.

Christmas is a magical time for the whole family and this year you can make it even more special with beautiful, effortlessly wrapped presents thanks to Scotch Pop-Up Tape from 3M.

The uniquely designed hand-band dispenser from the Scotch brand is the easiest way to create a perfectly wrapped present every time.

The comfortable hand-band is filled with pre-cut strips that put an end to the inevitable sticky tape tangle. Instead, both hands are left free to fold, dispense and stick, saving you time while also making Christmas gift-wrapping a hassle-free task.

We all know how important it is to buy loved ones the perfect gift and presentation is the simplest way to make someone feel special, so making an effort with gift-wrapping is essential. Using Scotch Pop Up Tape ensures you won’t just be remembered for the gifts you choose but the beautiful way you wrap them too as the neatly pre-cut strips have a satin finish, so they disappear on most gift wrap paper, ensuring your Christmas presents look like they have arrived fresh from Santa’s grotto!
Refill Pop-Up Strips are available in packs of 3 pads, with 75 strips per pad, meaning up to 65 presents can be wrapped with one refill pack. With so many chores to be done to make the festive season complete, let Scotch Pop-Up Tape give you a helping hand this Christmas.

The nifty Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand-band comes in three fun colours - pink, silver or blue.
The Scotch Pop-Up Tape range is available at leading supermarkets and stationery stores. The Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand-band Dispenser has an RRP of £2.49, whilst a pack of Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser Refills, containing three tape pads, has an RRP of £2.69. Many retailers will be offering promotional pricing this Christmas, see in store for details.

For more information on Scotch products, as well as quick and easy wrapping ideas and tips, visit www.sayitwithscotch.co.uk.

Scotch are offering five winners a Pop Up tape Hand-band Dispenser and refill each.

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Good luck



UK only
Ends Monday 12th
Please send details within 7 days of receiving winning notice.
Allow 28 working days for prizes.


  1. Please put me in for this comp lol the stress of where is the flaming end of the tape and trying to wrap up is a pain lol everything is a help,I'm ekitt1001 on Twitter x



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  9. Hello! (there, that was a change from "enter me") I'd love to try these, I might take up Iris Folding again, which I abandoned because I always get in so much of a mess with the little bits of tape

  10. I am following you. Scotch tape is excellent. It would be nice to get this in time for Christmas. @clairew137

  11. HELLLLO! i would like to be "in it to win it" please and thanks.

    I'm @buttonf1fan on twitter
    I alreadyfollow you on gfc

  12. Very inventive ways of not saying Enter me folk and then I get the naughty cheeky Grapevine!

  13. I've been looking for these in shops for ages and was beginning to think I'd imagined reading about them before!!
    Please be as kind as to include me in the prize draw
    Kirsten x
    Twitter &GFC follower as @Kemcaflipflops

  14. HELLO! What a fab prize, perfect for Christmas! @rhodak09

  15. HELLO! (I do read what you want lol)
    These look really handy. Please enter me in your competition.
    Thankyou kindly :)

  16. Already following you as M.
    I still snigger when i see people asking me to write enter me.... dirty mind or just childish or both??? lol.
    Please may i be considered for the possibility of being one of your lucky winners.

    I have just about finished my xmas shopping. I had loads of presents (5 kids) to wrap. I love wrapping presents but i hate it when the sellotape gets stuck or i can't find the end of the sellotape.


  17. Please can you put my name in the 'virtual hat' too please? I am @LoveWinning over on Twitter :-)

  18. Already follow you :)


  19. I am following via GFC. Great comp and a big heeeellllloooo ;) ;)

  20. Hello there. I would love to win this - I'm useless at controlling sticky tape.


  21. Hello. This product might save my sanity with my mound of wrapping so I would love the chance to win @RedRoseMummy

  22. Hellooooo! Please may I enter?
    Karen S
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  23. hello there! this is handy! :-)

    am following on GFC

  24. Hi - fab product. I'm in it, hope I win it. Thanks

  25. Woooo Hooo enter me please would love to win.. Karen :D


  26. I'd love to win this & make wrapping pressies easier!
    Following you on GFC. @Isis1981uk

  27. Hi there

  28. Fab giveaway - I usually stick sellotape to the table and rip the varnish off! :/


  29. I hate bloomin sellotape I like the idea of the Scotch dispenser, so clever, please add me I follow and my email is on my blogger

  30. Anything that helps with wrapping is always a bonus - count me in.

  31. Thanks for the giveaway, just in time for the wrapping.
    Following on GFC: katrinao
    Twitter: Top_cat81 x

  32. wow how can I be this excited about tape, would definitely make christmas wrapping easier


  33. Following you via GFC
    Please count me in, my DD uses my tape like it is going out of fashion

  34. I love these things, although hubby says it looks like a superhero gadget... @superluckydi

  35. Hello... lol love scotch tape you can't see it on anything and its great for nail art masking too

  36. Would love this to make the dreaded wrapping alot easier <3

    @whitk89 on Twitter

  37. Hiya :-) How I wish I had one of these for my Christmas presents! Someone told me about it just as I was finishing wrapping - typical :-(

    Anyway, there's always next year! Many thanks for the competition.

    I am following your Blog & on Twitter - I am MrsBun2002 on both :-)

    Happy Christmas

  38. Hello

    Please could I be entered in the competition, this would be perfect for the mountain of presents I am yet to wrap. I start off with all good intentions cutting off strips of tape and leaving it hanging off the side of the table only to find when I reach for the next strip it has stuck fast to the table grrrr.
    This is a genius product.

    I am following your blog and on twitter @Kerrypope

    Merry christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

  39. Would love to enter, I hate using tape, always lose the end! @ali991

  40. Already following on GFC with phyllgerry.
    Its a me @phyllgerry
    Please stick my entry to a pebble and throw it into the well of kindness.

  41. This looks like a great idea. I hate wrapping presents and one of the main reasons is the tape.


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  51. Howdy, Howdy Howdy! In desperate need - I've managed to ruin the dining room table through cutting tape and sticking it on the edge of the table when I'm wrapping.

  52. Hello!! I would love this-i always ask my son to help with sticky tape! @angiesandhu

  53. Hey hey :D

    I follow your blog

    Email: leonie_1979@hotmail.co.uk

  54. please include me

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    Please enter me in the giveaway, this would make my life so much easier with 4 kids x

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