Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tefal NEW Toughest Ever Non-Stick Pans

Now I may be a little biased but I already use a Tefal Frying pan, its my trusty Thermospot frying pan and is still working fine since when it first came out, its only sticking areas are due to  new cooks namely my teens and them not realising you need to use non metal tools.

Its old, but loved and I always said I would only ever replace with another the same. Tefal have moved on a lot more than I, they've made a higher performance pan, the Sensorielle

Now the Sensorielle provides even cooking to prevent burning. Thicker gauge aluminium with an enamel finish yet it feels as light as my old pan.

The handle is easy to grip, feels comfortable and  is oven safe to 180°C which is great for my Spanish omelettes and to just keep food warm in the pan.

The base is raised in parts its an anti-warp feature, I noticed it also spreads the heat around the pan and the food well.

It makes cooking a lot more even, less chance of having some food burning while parts are uncooked.

I have cooked my chillis, made Spanish Omelette, fried eggs. Warmed tortillas through its coped with all these and surpassed my last pan.

A new patented non-scratch coating, the first cookware to use Tefal’s new intensium coating, high performance anti-warp base, copper particles in the base to ensure even heating, and a new comfort curved handle makes Sensorielle the most durable quality cookware range ever.

Intensium is an extra hard mineral base layer which is fused to the other layers, including a visible holographic layer, providing the ultimate scratch-resistant surface, designed to withstand the most rigorous use and even resistant when using metal utensils.
For more information or stockist enquires please visit or call 0845 602 1454.


  1. These pans sound fabulous, I sorely need to get some new ones ours would evne look out of place in a skip they are sooo bad! Will bare this review in mind for pan shopping! :) I am @missingsleep