Friday, 25 November 2011

Tasty Little Numbers

Food on the go can often be hiding a multitude of sins and (syns for all you Slimming World folk)
I watched a documentary on grab and go sandwiches and shop bought snacks and some bakeries don't add any nutritional details, so you can be adding lots of fat, salt and sugar without realising it. 
Tasty Little Numbers have launched a new set of snacks and hot meals that have taken the guesswork out of this by boldly displaying the calories on the pack.

I mean boldly, if I'm  in a rush on my lunch hour the last thing I need to be doing is scanning nutritional values.
Each Tasty Little Number has the calories clearly marked and they are good calorie amounts.

OK are they "Tasty Little numbers" as that is what really counts?
I was sent a selection of the range which include 100 calorie chocolate bars, 100 calorie savoury snacks and 200 calorie hot meals.

I am impressed, they are indeed tasty, the crisps are yummy, sorry for that description but for a calorie controlled snack its not always the word one thinks about.

I recommend the Texy Mexy BBQY Grills they remind me in flavour of a cross between wheat crunchies and frazzles but with a BBQ kick, they have actually won me over to my most unliked flavour. These above never lasted longer than it took to put the camera away.
The chocolate Light and Wispy Choco Crispy ( don't you just love the names?) bars are a lovely sweet crunchy wafer that's dipped in chocolate, you may find this naughty but like the crisps they are 100 calories. Oh and all chocoholics catered for as there are three varieties, dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate.
Very tasty and very moreish.

Finally maybe the meals are perhaps the most impressive,  Tasty Little numbers have provided a spork and napkin, making these truly 'Just heat and eat meals'.

Skip that what's impressive is again the taste, I loved the creaminess of the Mushroom Stroganoff, the spicy Chilli Con Carne, Tikka Masala and good old Sausage and Baked Beans. Four meals that need no refrigeration,heat up in a flash, hold no artificial nasties and have a tiny 200 calories.
Again as the name says tasty! I am hoping they make many more of these meals.

I think what is attractive is the packaging make the meals and snacks look like proper food, I mean they do not look like diet foods and come to that they do not taste that way.
I am hooked!

  Tasty Little Numbers is a lifestyle brand for the health-conscious.... and it's all about built-in 'at a glance' portion control. It is real food uniquely made to whole numbers of calories, taking the “messin’ outta guessin”; meaning that watching what you eat and managing your weight has never been easier – and tastier!
Founder Jo Beach comments: “I created the Tasty Little Numbers range because I wanted to lose weight and I wanted it to be the 'life and soul of the health-conscious party' to say 'I am real, I am healthy, I am fun and I care about how I look and feel'.  No matter how much fruit and veg I eat (and I do) I am never going to stop fancying some chocolate or a curry and eating Tasty Little Numbers allows me to manage the amount of calories I put in without having to think about it too much -
for me managing my weight to stay healthy is all about portion control! I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I love creating them. Just remember that Tasty Little Numbers doesn't claim to make you slim, only you can lay claim to that triumph, but I do hope it helps you to enjoy doing it”.


  1. They look tasty. Like the idea its only 100 calories. I wonder how many Syns they are??

  2. Great idea - saves me having to scan the incredibly small print on the back of snack packets when I'm in need of sustenance (or perhaps that's just my eyesight deteriorating!)

  3. This range is Fab. Just what Ill be needing after Christmas!

  4. i bet these are yummy they sound delicious

  5. these look ace!


  7. These look really nice actually, especially the crisps.
    I'd love to try these.

  8. Fantastic idea! I'd love to try them out!

  9. Sounds great, please include me in the comp x

  10. Fabulous prize please enter me!

  11. tasty and low calorie, a winner!

  12. please enter me, it would go down a TREAT!

  13. would love to win !

  14. Great idea. One of the problems with dieting is that home measures of food are never quite as accurate as those quoted in the calorie counting books. So I always end up wondering why I don't lose weight when I'm probably eating twice the amount I should :-)

  15. They all look yummy for 100 calories!! :-)

  16. That's a good idea - to have the calories in bold and large. If they want to beat the obesity crisis then a simple thing like that could help.