Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shepherds Purse Cheeses launch Christmas Gift Box

I again am in cheese heaven, last week I sampled the Farmison.com's delivery of cheeses from Scotland and other regions, this week Chris and I both happy as we received the contents of the new Shepherds Purse Christmas box, what first struck me were the marvellous dates on the products. As a reviewer I sometimes have had to rush the tasting as the dates are not so good. These last until after Christmas, not that they got the chance.
The cheeses are all without exception good quality and and really tasty.

The Yorkshire Blue stands out for me, its milder than most I eat and I was actually taken with the lighter mellow flavour. Its creamier than I expected and as such ended up on a crusty bloomer  instead of biscuits.
It took me an age to convince Chris, who despite eating foods with strong flavours, refused to try blue cheese. This would have been the one that kick started that passion I believe had he tried it 2 years ago.

I loved the Yorkshire Ryedale another creamy cheese but curiously mature in taste. Mrs Bells Blue gave me another blue but how I love them strong and salty,  this differs in that it is made from ewes milk.
The very new to me blue rind brie of the Bells Bluemin White was really good, a really creamy cheese, mild and fantastic on water biscuits.

Finally the delightfully named Monks Folly, this cheese is a real taste sensation, its creamy, a good flavoured not too strong, not too mellow and one I liked nibbling on its own.

Yorkshire artisan family cheese maker, Shepherds Purse, has launched its finest fromage foodie gift for the festive season - the Christmas Gift Box, £17.99, containing 5 award-winning, traditionally handcrafted cheeses made on the Bell family farm in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The box is the ideal Christmas gift for cheese connoisseurs and will be a favourite with fine food lovers alike.
The Christmas Gift Box contains:
 Yorkshire Blue
180g Yorkshire Blue
Yorkshire Blue, the company's best selling cheese, is made from 100 per cent Yorkshire cow's milk and is based on a continental style recipe highlighted by its soft, creamy texture. The recipe has been developed to give the cheese a unique buttery, sweet flavour with no sharp bite. A great starter blue cheese for those who say they do not like blue cheese, thanks to its mild flavour.
 Mrs Bells Blue
180g Mrs Bells Blue
Mrs Bells Blue, named after the company founder Judy Bell, is made with 100 per cent fresh ewe's milk and is considered to be a true contender to other continental ewe's milk blue cheeses. It has a creamy texture with a slightly salty, complex blue flavour which tantalises the taste buds. It is less salty than the French cheese and is ideal for any cheeseboard.
 Bluemin White
180g Bells Bluemin White
Bells Bluemin White is the first cheese created by Judy Bell's eldest daughter, Katie. It is made from local cow's milk and is carefully matured in the dairy's dedicated ripening store. It is hand turned everyday to achieve the best mould ripening which results in a truly luxurious texture and a delicate, yet complex flavour. It's the first blue rind brie for the Yorkshire region.
 Yorkshire Ryedale
125g Yorkshire Ryedale
Yorkshire Ryedale is the first white cow's milk cheese to be made at the Shepherds Purse dairy. A unique, mature, white cheese produced from local cow's milk and made to an age old, local method, this cheese is firm when taken straight from the fridge, but allow it to warm slightly and it softens to a smooth, luxury cheese which is almost spreadable - so creamy you wouldn't believe it's simply cow's milk!
 Monks Folly
125g Monks Folly
A traditional mould rinded, soft cow's milk cheese originating from Middle Age monks has been reproduced by Shepherds Purse. Many washed and mould rinded cheeses can be traced back to the monastic orders during the Middle Ages and were sometimes referred to as monastery cheeses. The monks spent a great deal of time and effort developing these cheeses and the Bell family have now discovered a recipe they have adapted for modern palettes.
The Christmas Gift Box is available from 1 December online at



  1. This sounds delicious - I would also be in cheese heaven! xx

  2. wow! this looks fab! id love this at xmas!

  3. I love cheeses at Christmas. I hope they do this again this year.