Thursday, 3 November 2011

POYNT vital free local search app for busy parents


With all the kids now back at school, time will be precious- and any timesaving applications are always welcomed!

This one is welcomed even more by me as its free. Handy for a meal out, local playgroups, nurseries. you name it.
I'm very impressed with this and can see it being useful when I'm out and about and not got access to my newspaper or not having the time to google.

We have a FANTASTIC mobile app to meet the busy back to school rush that parents face- the application is called Poynt and is completely free!

Poynt is a local search application which allows you to find businesses, restaurants, cinemas and events in your local area and will even provide directions to them for you.
The Poynt app is ideal for busy parents for a number of reasons:

· Find doctors, pharmacies, crèches, swimming pools, museums, zoos, cinemas, ice rinks, restaurants etc.etc....
· Search for local family events – fairs, fetes, bonfire night celebrations
· Book tickets for cinema and other leisure activities
· Make a restaurant booking
· The app is available on all mobile platforms
SAVE TIME - Avoid copy and pasting details – MAKE CALLS DRIECT FROM APP!!!
You can find out all detail via the Poynt website at
1. Poynt is completely free to use.
2. It offers users the chance to find businesses, cinemas, restaurants and events in their local area.
3. It is available in eight countries – USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia and will shortly be available in India.
Whichever country you are in the directions and info will all appear in English if you are English or in the local language if requested It is available on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Blackberry Playbook , Nokia QT, Windows Phone 7 and Android.
4. The app is deeply integrated with the handset so that you can add details to your contacts and calendar, call businesses, share the details via email twitter and Facebook with friends and send invites all within the app itself
· iPhone features call gesture to call restaurants, cinemas, businesses etc. by holding the handset to your ear
· AR which allows you to walk to your chosen destination with arrows pointing the way – ideal if you are visiting a new location
Blackberry Playbook
· Allows you to pair your Blackberry device with the Playbook to add people to your contacts and calendar

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