Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New Survey Reveals Mums the Word when it comes to Christmas


It’s mums who really make Christmas a family affair with new research revealing that this year they will make three times as much effort to see their family as their partners will.
As a result there will be more of mother's family - her parents and grandparents - round the table this Christmas day than there will be of the father’s family, who are more likely to get demoted to Boxing Day.
Women are more likely to travel further to make sure everyone gets together and are also the ones to make sure everyone gets seen at some point so that no one is left to eat alone.
They are also likely to take the lead when it comes to buying gifts, decorating the home and the cooking.
But despite saying that Christmas was stressful,tiring and hard work, three quarters of women said they loved getting their family together and that it was the highlight of their year.
The survey was commissioned by Air Wick to mark the launch of their competition to find Britain’s most festive family.
Stefan Gaa, Marketing Director of Air Wick said: “It’s no surprise that mum’s are the driving force when it comes to getting prepared for Christmas,but many of us may not have realised the amount of work mums put into Christmas,and how instrumental they are to creating that special festive feeling.”

Six out of ten women insist on seeing their parents on Christmas Day no matter what whereas just 20 per cent will see their partner’s family.

Mums were the most important family member for everyone to spend time with, whereas just 8 per cent said that their dad was their priority this Christmas.
Nine out of ten women take responsibility for buying the gifts and two thirds find themselves wrapping all of themas well.
Seven out of ten mums will spend hours in the kitchen making sure dinner goes to plan as well as making sure the table looks nice and buying crackers.
Eighty four per cent of women send the Christmas cards and more than half do the festive food shop.

Mums are also more likely to watch the children in the Christmas school play.
73 per cent of women say that they make the house festive by taking charge of decorating the house inside and out and sixty per cent end up lugging home the Christmas tree - before they decorate it.

The results suggested that men were more likely to take the backseat with all the chores around Christmas time however,when it came to buying the Christmas tree, it seemed men were in control with 41% of women saying it was their partner who was in charge. 
Whilst a third of women said they wished their partner would step up and take on some of the responsibility but were happy to do the bulk of the work saying that was ‘what Christmas was all about’ and that they enjoyed it.
“Our survey reveals that it’s mums who make the most effort in creating that special festive atmosphere at Christmas.Our new colour changing candle, part of the Air Wick Touch of Luxury range,is a great easy way to create that warm, cosy festive feeling at home.”
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  1. It's true in our household that I do most of the Christmas preparations.

  2. I must be an odd one out then as my partner is excellent at choosing perfect gifts he does the decorations and the Christmas dinner !