Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mu Cheese Review

I love cheese, its obvious from all the blog posts for cheese, I have rarely met a cheese I would pass on, a couple of the low fat ones I find a little bland and crumbly, so tend not to buy them.

From mild Brie to ripe Reblochon (introduced to me by my friend Cheryl from The Madhouse Family Reviews) I love them all. I also love cheddar as an almost daily meal or sandwich.

As you also possibly spotted reading through the posts over the last few months, I've been on a healthy eating plan. I've lost two stone nearly in just over three months and one of my concerns was I wouldn't get my cheese fix, so I swapped to low fat Cheddars.  I think I've tried most brands now, these are a bit hit and miss.

 I find the taste can be more over sharp than mature, the cheese breaks off in chunks if you try to slice, can also despite this crumbling be quite wet.
Mu low fat is a good good cheese, the first hit on my nose told me it was as good as the Mu medium cheddar, which I had also tried mid morning.

Like the full fat its a lovely medium mature, very flavoursome. Its smooth but not bland at all. and goes perfectly in a salad or sandwich. It slices really well and will be on my shopping list for next time at Tesco's.

I like that I can buy grated a boon when I'm in a rush and making a lasagne or cheese bake. It went well in my courgette and leek bake (coming up in a post soon) Gave it the lovely strong cheddar taste I like.

Turn meal times into MU-times with exciting new MU cheese!

Here to shake up meal times for mums, MU is a brand new, fun and tasty cheese which will have kids asking for more! Available in handy grated and sliced packs as well as blocks MU turns meal times into MU-times!

MU’s delicious, rich flavour is a winner for the whole family, making it easier than ever for mums to get creative in the kitchen and keep everyone happy. Why not get kids involved in the kitchen and make yummy cheese straws? Just roll out ready to roll pastry and fill with slices of MU Medium Cheddar then bake in the oven!

Hungry families will love making colourful pizzas with vegetable faces topped with MU Mild Cheddar for a mouth watering midweek meal. You can even create mini jacket potatoes for little tummies using baked new potatoes –you’d be surprised how many kids like a stronger flavour, so try topping with a sprinkling of MU Mature Grated. 

MU is also ideal for family favourites such as cheese on toast and classic sandwiches. Available in six exciting varieties from Tesco, MU’s eye catching packaging will be loved by kids and adults alike. MU is perfect for cheese loving families and mums who want the pennies to go further but still want the great taste of real cheddar.

Each slice, shaving and curl of MU has been exclusively sourced from the UK and Ireland, from well fed cows to fully ensure a delicious taste that will soon have your family moo-ing for more MU! ‘Like’ our MU Cheese Facebook page or visit www.mucheese.com to find out more.


  1. Trying to loose weight, I think I need to eat low fat cheeses. Thanks for the review of MU.

  2. I have crohn's disease so have to watch what dairy I eat - especially cheese. BUT I do allow a nibble every now and again because I still buy it for the kids. I just bought some of this cheese today - for the first time - it was my to daughters who chose it because they liked the packaging! So they had a Mu cheese sandwich for lunch today and loved it! So great!