Monday, 7 November 2011

Lemsip Survey - Women say “man up” to Man’s Flu

 Lemsip survey and new interactive video puts to bed cliché once and for all
To mark the launch of the Lemsip “Man’s Flu Video” on Facebook a new survey reveals 42% of women didn’t believe their husbands or boyfriends were as ill as they claimed, and were instead looking for sympathy and attention, while 31% suspected their ‘crippling man’s flu’ might actually be just a cold.

When women complain of feeling under the weather, 1 in ten men felt that their better halves were just looking for attention, indicating that their own symptoms were far worse than anything experienced by their women and thus more worthy of some affection.

Shockingly, 1 third of these “gentlemen” expect their lady to carry on as normal, contrary to the treatment they expect in the same circumstances. 41% of men stated that their partner does not understand how ill they are and so need to lay the symptoms on more thickly.
By comparison, only 27% of women agreed that their partner understands how they feel when they are ill. Perhaps as a result, 36% of women said they carry on as normal and battle through - in stark contrast to the men, 40% of whom find time to lounge on the sofa, or watch TV or DVDs (34%), or spend the day in bed (31%) at the first sign of a sniffle.

To get involved and fuel the debate further take part in Lemsip’s “Men vs. Women Man’s Flu Challenge” and create your own “Man’s Flu Video” ( The video, parodying the late
James Brown’s hit “Man’s World”, will pit men against women in the sympathy stakes, with each version being produced and directed towards the opposite sex with the lyrics reworked about Man’s Flu.

To really get your message across, the video can be personalised with the recipient’s photo, name and a message. It is even possible to have James Brown dedicate the song to the individual (by name) during the songs intro!
So ladies, stand up to your man, don’t take them lying down on the sofa…
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