Wednesday, 9 November 2011

JML Spin Gym Review

I did look at the video of the Spin Gym in action and immediately thought of those little spinning tops on strings my children had. It looks relaxed and to be honest as if it may not do a great deal.
So these are the reviews I love as I get to swallow my words. Its described here far better than I can. 

Spin Gym is a unique new exercise trainer that can give your whole upper-body a full resistance workout. Unlike traditional dumbbell and machine weight training, which isolate and target one set of muscles at a time, Spin Gym can simultaneously activate major, stabilising and core muscles all at once.

Using Spin Gym for just 5 minutes a day is enough to strengthen your arms, and leave them looking and feeling firm and toned. With up to 20 lbs of resistance with each pull, you'll feel the Spin Gym effect almost instantly. It’s compact and convenient to use almost anywhere, whether you’re at home, at the office or on your travels. And best of all Spin Gym is fun to use – just see how long you can keep the disc spinning.
Tones, strengthens and sculpts your arms, chest, back and shoulders all at once

 I'm the slimmest I've been in a couple of years and my confidence has lifted, but not so my arms and chest. The woman on the video seemed to be already fir but I noticed the other users are refreshingly all shapes and sizes.

For me, Paige, Chris and even Conor's had a go its been a great fun way to tone.
I suggest watching the instuction dvd  to get the spin right its simple once you have the knack
I have lost a good amount of weight quite quickly because of my healthier eating, the downside has been my skin looking not so tight. The Spin Gym has tautened my underarm, my upper chest looks more defined and its even working on my stomach.
Paige loves it she is at college studying to be a PE instructor and rates it highly, she did point out all the muscle groups it was working but lost me at lateral something or other.
Its a really clever aid to toning it appeals to the couch potato in me as I can sit and watch TV while I tone up.... now that's clever.
If you are interested in the Spin Gym don't hang about it gets sold out very fast, I,ve been waiting for stocks to be available before releasing this post.

1 x Spin Gym
1 x Extra Strength Cord
1 x Carry Case
1 x Fitness Instructional & Workout DVD
1 x Cardio & More DVD
1 x Instructional guide
1 x Quick Start Guide

Produces 20lbs of resistance with each pull
Easy and fun to use – see how long you can keep the disc spinning
Small and compact – you can use it anywhere
You can use it in different poses to target specific muscles
Perfect for beginners and experienced fitness fanatics

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