Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Have yourself a very PERi Christmas

Have yourself a very PERi Christmas

Now you know already how much I love spicy foods, I am more than excited that Nando's have opened up a store in my ity, need to find the time to go soon.
Meanwhile they have some marvellous gifts for Christmas, some DIY heat with the chillis seed kit, maybe just  a selection of the famous Nando's Peri Peri Sauces. Or my particular favourite the sizzler kit with a skillet and sauce so I can make my own. Yum.

For those looking to add some heat to Christmas celebrations this year, Nando’s has the perfect present for all spice fans with a new range of gifts that even Santa will find too hot to handle.

To help you be a bit exPERimental over the festive period, the range includes:

The ultimate PERi-PERi sauce combo:

A three piece drizzler set so all guests can enjoy their chosen level of heat. Choose between Garlic, Medium and Hot for how much PERiment you can take. This year Nando’s has also launched an Extra Hot version too with Extra hot and Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi Sauce plus a PERi Sprinkle to add a kick to anything on the menu. Both are available in Debenhams with an RSP of £13.50.

Be the perfect host:
Heat up those pre-dinner nibbles with a Nando’s chip ‘n’ dip set containing Nando’s unique PERi salsa for tongue-tangling treats. The set is available in Tesco with an RSP of £16.50.

Grow your own PERi-PERi chillis:

Ideal for those green-fingered friends and family members. Give them their own African Bird’s Eye Chilli Seeds and planter to bring some Nando’s signature spice into their home. Available in Boots with an RSP
of £14.00.

For heat seekers:

This novelty oven glove will prevent cooks overheating this Christmas and the Extra Extra hot PERi-PERi sauce and rub will help them cook up a storm in the kitchen. Available in from Boots with an RSP of £12.50.

For the head chef:

Give this Nando’s apron to aspiring chefs on Christmas day and they’re guaranteed to run straight to the kitchen and whip up your favourite Nando’s meal. There’s also some Medium marinade to get them started. Available in Tesco with an RSP of £12.00.

To sizzle as well as sparkle:

For those who want to make a hot impression on their guests this Christmas, the chilli sizzler gift pack includes a cast iron sizzler, basting brush and Sweet & Sticky marinade to create a mouth-watering combination of chilli and chicken. Available in Tesco with an RSP of £15.00.

Houmungous fun at Christmas:

This houmous appetiser set comes with a serving plate and dipping bowl – perfect for serving up a light tea after all that turkey and veg. It also comes with two PERi drizzles so all those sharing can get their hands on some spice. Available in Debenhams with an RSP of £10.00

Addicted to PERi-PERi sauce:

For those who put PERi-PERi sauce on everything (including the turkey) this one litre bottle of Hot PERi-PERi sauce will make sure they don’t run out over the Christmas season. Available in Debenhams with an RSP of £16.00.

Add some sizzle and spice this Christmas with Nando’s gifts, which are available now in the above stores and selected retailers online.

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