Monday, 21 November 2011

Get the Twilight look with Tesco Twilight Tongs Review

Twilight broke onto the cinema screens on Friday, Conor went to see it on opening night, we are very jealous, he has been gagged so he doesn't ruin it for Paige or I, he's desperate to tell us though.

He was allowed to say that though he liked it but the books are more geared to males as well as females, but the last film will appeal to the ladies more! Woohoo!

We're all fans and I love all the girly merchandise that comes out with these films.
Tesco's have really gone to town and produced a fab range of Twilight themed hair styling appliances. Hairdryer, straighteners, mini ones too and lastly tongs, we were sent the Twilight Sparkle Tong

I only got to try them twice before Paige squirreled them in her room, they
The are very attractive in appearance the purple handle will appeal to young girls everywhere, its comfortable to hold for lengthy styling sessions especially if like me you have long hair. It heats up incredibly fast.
It has a tourmaline ceramic barrel, this means frizz free hair, as my hair is fine this really is essential, I also use a little hairspray to keep hair in check and make more defined curls.
You can either wind your hair around the barrel or use as normal tongs. The tip stays cool so it is easier to use as a wrap around.

The curls achieved are great, and combined with young girls wanting curls like Bella, I reckon this will be a fab Christmas present.

As this week sees the beginning of the end for the Twilight series, fans can prepare for Breaking Dawn Part One by creating their own ‘Twilight’ look with a range of hair stylers that were used in the film, all available from Tesco.

Get Bella Swan’s waves with Twilight Tongs or Alice Cullen’s poker straight style with the Twilight Straighteners, which also come in a convenient mini version if you’re travelling to see the penultimate part of the Twilight series.

Twilight ‘Sparkle’ Hairdryer, £24.97


Twilight ‘Sparkle’ Straighteners, £29.97

Twilight ‘Sparkle’ Mini Detailer, £19.97


Twilight ‘Sparkle’ Tong, £24.97

All Twilight products can be bought in selected stores or online at


  1. Ooh, they're really pretty :)
    I have yet to see Breaking Dawn pt 1 :(

  2. These look great! Never watched twilight!