Saturday, 19 November 2011 delivering Great British Produce - Review

More and more of us are looking at where our food comes from, I for one find it increasingly strange that I can pick up some bags of South African apples for £1.50 flown around the world yet apples that I can see growing on car journeys are costing £2 a bag for less weight.
I'm really trying to buy British and wherever I can locally sourced products.
I love to know that my fruit and vegetables  are coming from local farms and growers.

Food lovers across Britain will delight in the launch of – a new online food store backed by former ASDA chief executive Andy Bond. 

They offered to send me a box of produce to review, when it arrived I was thrilled to find they had sent me the cheese box. Just look at the index of reviews and you will see my partiality to cheese.

I found an array of goodies all nestling in a box of straw. Doesn't it look good and so fresh and tempting. Its packaged like cheeses I expect to see in a farm shop or a local deli. 

Its called the British Artisan Cheese Box the cheeses in my box were only heard of before, Finn 200g, Golden Cross 200g, Blarliath 240g, Dunsyre Blue 240g together with a packet of Stag Water Biscuits 150g and new to me Quince paste 150g

Heavenly nibbling moments beckoned.

 I discovered a new favourite the Dunsyre Blue a lovely soft blue cheese from Lanarkshire, it has a really good flavour. Creamy but rich  alittle salty as I like it and a ripe distinct taste on the tongue. Would be great with a glass of full bodied red wine.

 The Golden Cross is a goats cheese which really surprised me, its got a strength to it, lovely and salty too, great on a rusty baguette I imagine.

The Blarliath was strange as I am not a lover of milder cheddars yet this had such a distinct taste despite being mellow, it was incredibly good with mustard and hris had this with melted on toast too.

The Finn was an absolute hit here, its soft so creamy and has a lovely flavour salty creamy cheese is how I an describe it, this was fab on the Stag water biscuits.

The quince paste I could take or leave, Chris adored it and went on to add to salad, in a sandwich and has requested we buy in for Christmas.

Thanks to Farmison I had the opportunity to try cheeses I would not have encountered unless possibly.
I love that the site has an array of good quality produce all of which I would happily try.

I am keen to see them prosper and grow its good for them but as a lover of good food, its great for me.

The Christmas seletion looks really good and I would like to feature some of the meats here soon.

But for now back to my cheese board!

They have also stated their core values and these are promising and pretty impressive.

1. Farmison provides home cooks with fabulous foods that would normally only be found in the kitchens of discerning, ingredient-aware chefs.

2. Farmison provides a lip-smacking alternative to the year-round monotony of supermarkets.

3. Farmison constantly changes what it sells to reflect what's in season. When foods are not at their best, we don't stock them.

4. Farmison supports biodiversity in our food chain by promoting rare breed meats and searching out less common fruit and vegetable varieties.

5. Farmison gives small-scale food producers a UK-wide platform to showcase and sell their products, complementing their own local initiatives.

6. Farmison sources food from the UK first and foremost and only chooses imported food if there is no British equivalent.

7. Farmison sells foods produced in a way that respects farm animals, producers and the environment.

Pregnancy Friendly Artisan Cheese Box will deliver the finest British produce directly from farmers who traditionally supply our great British chefs and award winning restaurants. will offer one of the largest ranges of exquisite seasonal ingredients from traditional farmers, growers and artisan producers across the British Isles - a wealth of delicious produce available in one simple delivery from the online butcher, greengrocer, cheesemonger and traditional pantry.

It will represent over 75 of the best independent British suppliers including 31 butchery farms offering 23 different breeds, over 30 fruit and vegetable growers offering many varieties of seasonal produce and exclusive access to over 50 British farm house cheeses, more than 60% of which are not available anywhere else online.
Ingredients used and mastered in the kitchens of world renowned restaurants such as Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, the Yorke Arms, Northcote Manor and Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, will now be available from Michelin starred chefs will provide foodies with inspirational recipes and seasonal tips bringing the finest quality produce to life.

The first of’s ‘Michelin chefs’ is Frances Atkins, co-owner of the Yorke Arms and one of only six female Michelin starred chefs in the UK. Commenting on the launch of she said “diners will delight in knowing that they can get hold of unusual and exciting ingredients from the farmers and producers that top chefs and restaurants have always championed.”
Large Family Greengrocer Box £22.95 is passionate about food - sourcing the finest ingredients, offering tasty short lived seasonal produce, stories fresh from the farmers, sharing knowledge on the fascinating history of the nation’s produce like rare breeds and contributions from ambassadors such as Joanna Blythman. The website will also provide exclusive seasonal recipes from some of the UK’s top chefs to delight and inspire foodies that are passionate about quality produce and creativity in the kitchen.

This exciting food venture is the brainchild of restaurant and hospitality entrepreneurs John Pallagi and Lee Simmonds. Lee Simmonds said: “We are excited to be offering consumers an unbeatable choice of rare and superior British produce through We have harnessed the traditionally exclusive restaurant supply chain, championing independent UK farmers and producers to provide passionate foodies with a huge range of fantastic products.”  represents over 75 of the best independent British suppliers across butchery, fruit and vegetables, and farmhouse cheese - more than 60% of which are not available anywhere else online. Shoppers can choose their ingredients from any of the different suppliers across the country and champion producers from specific regions. is backed by former ASDA chief executive Andy Bond and championed by leading Chefs and Restaurateur’s including Mark Hix, Jonnie Boer, Frances Atkins, Mark Greenaway, Eugene McCoy and many more.

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