Monday, 21 November 2011

Diet Chef Review

 Are you on a healthy eating plan like me or trying to lose weight to slip into that little black dress for Christmas?

Maybe too busy to sit and count calories prepare low fat or calorie meals due to work commitments, or a busy Mum with no time to prepare two sets of meals for the family.
Diet Chef is certainly a solution to many peoples diet and healthy eating goals.

They send you a hamper full of chef-prepared ready meals for dinner, soups for lunch, granola for breakfast and healthy snacks for when those inevitable munchies hit.

Diet Chef is affordable for everyone as little as £5.57 per day (for Diet Chef 1200 on Pay Monthly) which is probably not much more than you’re spending on food anyway.

I got the opportunity to choose a weeks meals to see for myself and I will show you a few of my choices.

Vanilla and Banana Porridge

Breakfast choice include porridge some lovely flavoured ones, I liked the Vanilla and Banana porridge over all my choices. Their are muesli's and for those dashing off to work in the morning the Fruit & Oat Cookie or muesli bars are very tasty, I personally would eat the cereals as they kept me fuller longer.

Luxury Muesli

The soups were really good, all the soups and main meals come in pouches, you just microwave. Highlights for me were the Chicken and Thyme soup and the Mulligatawny seen below.

Mulligatawny Soup

They are tasty and full of good ingredients, the chicken and Thyme shows no artificial nasties its soup similar to how I would make it. The Mulligatawny has a lovely mild spicy warmth perfect for this time of year.

I chose some of the shakes as well, the chocolate is scrumptious I believe these will be great for people on the go, at work and without access to a microwave there. I ate a banana and grapes after just to keep me topped up.

The main meals come in the pouches too, there is a wide selection to choose from. Warming meals such as Lamb Hotpot, Beef in Ale, then there is Macaroni Cheese (very tasty) Paella, Mushroom Risotto etc.

 I served my meals with a large selection of veg or salad and I found each of my choices good to eat and satisfying. Again the ingredients held no hidden colours or flavourings.

I can thoroughly recommend the Beef in Ale and the Beef Meatballs are really good, the sauce is plentiful and thick in all the meals.

Finally to keep me from wandering to the biscuit barrel, Diet Chef also send a snack, now what I usually do in the day is have lots of fruit cut up, but the snacks sent were nice for the evenings.
Particularly the Sweet maple Popcorn, a great big bag to munch through at 111 calories only.

I was not trying to lose weight overly as I have been eating healthily and am at the right weight and BMI, however I did lose a pound, I imagine for those starting it would be a lot more.

The website gives lots of support as well, you can fill in your profile, track your own progress, read success stories, plus get lots of help there is even a Live Chat if you have a question. The hamper also came with a guide book, its handy to refer to answers lots of questions. It also has a place to record your progress.

I think whats good overall is you don't have to think if you are busy, the meals are all prepared to be the right calories for weight loss. Simple to prepare. Moreover you lose weight.

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