Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cornish Turkeys With A View - Fly Nationwide With cornishfoodmarket.co.uk


Christmas and Cornish Turkey provided by the new national delivery service from cornishfoodmarket.co.uk these birds get a lovely free roaming life outdoors and in light airy barns overnight, They live in a beautiful part of the world and I would certainly be happy to have a Cornish Turkey grace my Christmas table.

In fact Cornish produce as a whole has impressed us, we visit the farm shops each year around Cornwall and stock up our favorites leaving with sadness as its never long enough.

We bring home all manner of food depending on the season and then have freezer stocked with food that will transport us back.
No longer though will I have to bring an extra cool box, as the cornishfoodmarket.co.uk are delivering nationwide.

I will be reviewing some of the fabulous products soon, sadly I will not be reviewing the turkeys as they are still enjoying their Cornish idyll.

Traditional White Turkey 5 - 6kg approx

They might not actually vote for Christmas but Banbury's Cornish Turkeys certainly live the rural idyll, raised by three generations of the same farming family outside Padstow on the North Cornish Coast.
And this year for the first time Christmas diners across the land will get to savour the difference between these birds and their intensively reared relatives - via a new national delivery service from cornishfoodmarket.co.uk.
"We hand-rear free-range black and traditional white turkeys here at Trembleathe Farm and they grow for much longer than mass produced birds so they develop that lovely deep turkey flavour," says Richard Banbury whose parents Fernley and Nancy, wife Clare and little daughters Gracie Ann and Roseanna all play their part in the nurturing process.
"I think part of it is also that our natural environment is so clean and clear with fresh air off the Atlantic - we're remote from roads and noise and commercial activity and the birds are raised as they should be - stress free."

For nearly fifty years these turkeys have been enjoyed throughout Cornwall at Christmas time but now the Banbury family - like scores of the county's best food and drink producers - are working with the team at cornishfoodmarket.co.uk to spread not just the word but the reality of best Cornish fare to the nation at large.

"We launched our website a year ago, delivering online orders of all this fantastic produce to homes and businesses in Cornwall and parts of Devon," says Sean Williams, MD of cornishfoodmarket.co.uk and its parent company Westcountry Fruit Sales, which delivers wholesale to restaurants and caterers across the two counties.
"Now we're delivering further afield and the Banbury family's turkeys are a prime example of why we are almost evangelistic about the wonderful products we can supply.
"The big supermarkets have had it their own way for far too long and their deal for customers, communities and their suppliers leaves so much to be desired. We're showing how you can provide a better service all round, with the freshest and best products, but still great value for money."
Your weekly shop just got easier
Alongside the Cornish turkeys cornishfoodmarket.co.uk's online customers can order award-winning wines and ciders, beers and juices, cheeses and pickles, clotted cream, mincemeat, puds and even mistletoe - delivered to doorsteps across the country.

Check out their Christmas offerings from the top Cornish producers at www.cornishfoodmarket.co.uk.


  1. I would only eat free range and its good that more and more companies are giving us the choice over the supermarkets.
    That picture of the turkeys and girls is cute.

  2. I love going to the farmer's market. The food there is great, it tastes great and knowing where it came from makes it so much better x

  3. Sounds good. It's much nicer to have properly cared for turkeys. They look a little scary though!