Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan Kenco saving glass campaign.

I was very excited last week as while on holiday we travelled to Westonbirt to see what's considered to be one of the best Autumnal display of tree colours in the UK if not Europe. Here's a quick pic or two so you can see the mad colours too

We arrived after BBC's Autumnwatch ( who had been filming there) had packed up and gone, we actually discussed what Chris Packham and Michaela were up to next.

Now you may not believe this but that same day I got a text from the lovely people at Kenco who asked me if I would like to put a question to Michaela and Chris, now mine was not very coffee related but they still happily answered my question about their highlight of Westonbirt. Thanks both of you.

Before you see that though have a read of what they are doing with Kenco, I believe its a worthy campaign.

What’s the campaign you are doing for Kenco and why did you decide to get involved?

To celebrate Kenco's new-look slender-shaped jars, which save an amazing 900 tonnes of glass a year, Kenco commissioned four wonderful animal sculptures made from recycled glass. They were all in need of a permanent home, so were put up for ‘adoption’ and have been donated to four deserving communities across the UK.

When Chris and I were asked to join this celebratory event we jumped at the chance, not only due to our love of animals – be it glass or real – but also because we’re both passionate about rewarding deserving communities.
CHRIS: It also touches on another interest of mine – art in public spaces.

Which is your favourite glass sculpture?

I love them all but I think my favourite of the sculptures would have to be Lois the Crab – it’s a challenge to create a crab that looks really huggable and loveable; but the sculptor, Rebecca Newnham, has succeeded and Lois looks really friendly!

I think the favourite overall will be the Roberts penguin family because people seem to have an affinity for penguins. Personally, I think Lois the crab is great. She looks really impressive and imposing – and I’m much more interested in crustaceans than the usual cute and cuddly animals!

 My question!!!!!
What were your highlights from Westonbirt?

I love the changing leaf colour – there’s a variety of trees there from all over the world, which provide beautiful rich colours.

CHRIS: Yes, the trees there are beautiful. I love to see trees growing in their natural form without being pruned or cut back.

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan have partnered with Kenco to award four communities across the UK their very own giant animal, made from recycled glass. These were created to celebrate the launch of new-look Kenco jars, which save 900 tonnes of glass per year. For more details visit www.facebook.com/kenco

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