Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I'm a Bzz Agent and I was sent vouchers to try Chokablok Ice cream,  and Bzz about what its like, good or bad
To be honest I would have tried it for free when I saw the flavours Cherry Bomb Brownie, Cookie Dough Mon-Star Goldigga Dynamite, Billionaires Shortbread, The Chocolate Extremist, The Rocky Road of  Love and Peanut Butter Nutter.

I picked Billionaires Shortbread to try as its one of my favourite actual biscuitsits, its absolutely divine, I bought two tubs at Tesco's where they can be bought. They also have a 2 for £5 offer on until the end of today.

The ice cream is creamy and light, not too sweet, it has pieces of caramel fudge which melt in your mouth in that lovely gooey way and then you get the biscuit pieces covered in chocolate to bring a nice crunch and texture.
I intend to work my way through the flavours, next in my sights Cookie Dough.

RRP £3.99
2 for £5 ends
22nd November


  1. I'm a BzzAgent but they've never sent me anything as nice as ice cream! ;-) Seriously though, Chokablok looks lovely, I think it may be our next ice cream purchase.

  2. wow these look lovely - will need to keep an eye out for these!

  3. I'm a BzzAgent too and have been fortunate enough to have received the Chokablok vouchers. I've now tried all the flavours, my favourites being Billionaires Shortcake closely followed by Gold Digger Dynamite but all the varieties are delicious! All have a lovely creamy taste and if you are a caramel lover then you must try some of these indulgent ice creams. Five stars from me and a real hit with all the family :)