Monday, 14 November 2011

Bio-D Products review.

Wow was the word when I got the Bio-D range to review, I was chosen as one of the lucky reviewers by Goodness Direct  firstly to see it all lined up I was thinking this is going to be a lot of cleaning, not my most favourite of tasks, but looking along the line a lot of these products were going to be doing the work for me!

The tag line appeals to me as I am a firm believer in using green products where I can but I will not and cannot afford to pay for overpriced goods.
"We believe it is possible to have effective natural and safe cleaning products that don't cost the earth"

Bio-D is an independent, family-owned, ethically motivated company, dedicated to promoting the use of hypoallergenic, environmentally responsible detergents that have a minimum impact on the ecosystem.

OK so there are none of the chlorine, petroleum, phosphates brighteners enzymes and all that guff that we are told will get our clothes brighter, whiter, hobs and sinks shiny and dishes cleaner.
No nasties on our skin clothes appliances, dishes or off down the plughole!
Animals are not tested on and all packaging is recyclable.
All this is amazing but I still need clean, I am more confident that I will get a clean result since using greener products, so set to work testing and hear is a brief review of the ones that really stood out

The toilet is the horrible task I tend to like a good cleaner so  there is minimum contact with the loo.
The Bio-D cleaner is easy to use a standard squirt around the rim and leave to do its stuff. It works as it should cleaning well, I found no extra need to use more often. The scent of it is a little vinegar like and that was mentioned by my husband who does not like vinegar scents. Possibly due to me using it lots in cleaning, taps etc.
I found the scent to be just clean and the cleaner was very effective. Made my life simple which is a good start for any cleaning aid.

Onto the washing products, I used the powder, the laundry liquid and the fabric conditioner.

The washing powder and liquid performed well, the clothes were clean and stain free , they removed tea and coffee stains, mud and grass, I actually found a tea towel that had odd stains on previously came up better with just the washing powder and fabric conditioner. No booster needed.

That's as much as I want in a powder or liquid, I did miss a scent to the clothes when I washed without the fabric conditioner.

The conditioner had two fragrances a lavender one and quite a new fragrance for me Juniper and Seaweed which is a lovely fresh scent. I noticed the conditioner was quite thin and liquid but this did not deter from the softening.

I added the stain booster when I had a few usual son messy tshirts. Gravy grease, tomato sauce, the few I can remember. It worked brilliantly and as a whitener I found I needed it as an extra for the powder.

The description is 

A concentrated Dish washing Powder for use in Dish washing Machines. Much more economical to use than tablets, as "fizzing" ingredients are not required. Use in conjunction with Bio-D Dishwasher Rinse Aid.
Rinsing aid for your dishwasher without the obnoxious ingredients.

Oh dear! I was sorely disappointed with this set, I actually thought my dishwasher had packed up. The food on plates was over all the pots and glasses. Gravy still on serving spoon. I ran it twice on the final set of washing up and it hardly changed matters.
I went back to my usual brand for a few days and everything was clean. To be fair to the product I tried again and it was the same story, my relief was immense as I honestly thought my dishwasher had died on me.

As a complete contrast the glass and mirror shine restored my love of this range. I decided to try it out on the large mirror in my kitchen and so easy was it to use, with perfect shiny smear free results, I did all the windows and mirrors in the house.
Its incredible, I am totally sold on this glass cleaner and will buy always from now on. Oh and it also was fabulous on the drainer and my glass cooker lid.
The Bio-D multi purpose cleaner was great on the sides, paintwork and leaned my cooker well. As was the multi surface cle4aner, both all rounders and seemed similar in usage and results.

I loved the scent of the furniture polish, it has a lovely rich waxy scent that makes the room smell lovely.

So there you have it, my trial of the Bio-D range has been thorough and overall some stunning finds, I am puzzled by the contrasting results of the dish washing trial, amazed by the glass and mirror leaner and very satisfied with the rest.

You can find the range along with some other great products at Goodness Direct


  1. Very informative, I have been trying greener products and these are well priced. The glass cleaner sounds so good.

  2. So pleased that you like the products and thank you for the review. Rest assured that we are working on the dishwasher products! We would love to use your comments in our marketing - would this be ok? If so and if you would like us to mention you by name, please mail me via the website.

  3. Thanks so much, glad you are working on the dishwasher products, the Bio D range is really quite amazing oterwise. Was a pleasure to feature you and am certain the dishwasher range will be as effective as the rest.

  4. These sound great! (aside from the dishwasher stuff - must have been a relief when you realised nothing was broken!!)

  5. I really want to try some of this range now. I shall have a look for it in my usual store - see if it replaces my current eco brand :)