Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Scarlett & Crimson’s ‘Smokey Eyes’ and ‘Lush Lips’ for Christmas

I am very fond of the Scarlett and Crimson range, it makes ideal stocking fillers for the teen and younger girls in my family. Easy to get hold of at Boots all year round and they always come up with a funky way of showcasing the makeup.

This time they have presented an eye colour palette and a lip palette in a diary style case, they have a handy mirror inside aneat , the colurs are really on trend and paige tried the lip palette and loved the colours. They make fab prezzies and at £6 are a bargain.

Look smokin’ hot this Christmas!

Get a look hot enough to melt snow and warm the coldest of hearts this Chistmas with a little help from Scarlett & Crimson!

Create a look that will impress with Scarlett & Crimson’s ‘Smokey Eyes’ beauty book. This chic eight colour eyeshadow palette is the perfect stocking filler for the most creative trend setting teens.

Or if your focus is on the lips as you prepare for any mistletoe kisses, then Scarlett & Crimson’s ‘Lush Lips’ beauty book is for you.  It comes complete with eight juicy lip gloss shades which are sure to make a statement whatever the occasion.

Both sets include two double ended applicators and a step-by-step guide by Ruby Hammer to create the perfect smokey eyes and luscious lips.

Created by beauty icons Ruby Hammer and Millie Kendall, the Scarlett & Crimson range of Christmas gifts has been designed to celebrate self-expression, individuality, creativity and friendship. And they are the perfect gifts for friends!

RRP £6
Stockist: Boots

Rachel’s Limited Edition Pineapple, coconut & banana yogurt

If you are looking for a new taste in yogurts whilst mooching around the chillers in your supermarket, I suggest trying the new Rachel's Limited Edition yogurt.

 We were sent some and in the middle of winter its a refreshing taste and as Rachel's say below a taste of summer.

The fruits are a perfect match for each other and with the loveliness of the Rachel's creamy thick yogurt this makes a lovely after dinner dessert for me.

Indulge in the true taste of the Caribbean and bring bright, winter sun to your snack time with Rachel’s exotic new Limited Edition pineapple, coconut and banana yogurt

A sumptuous, sunshine yogurt that’s guaranteed to brighten those dark winter days, this lovingly made creation features a creative Caribbean inspired combination of three tantalisingly, tropical flavours - pineapple, coconut and banana - and Rachel’s signature thick, creamy yogurt.  What’s more, with these fabulously fruity flavours, this sensational new limited edition is a refreshing boost as the cool months draw in.

Savour the fabulously fruity Limited Edition flavour on its own for a perfect afternoon pick me up, or try pouring over your favourite muesli mix for a refreshing breakfast with a tropical twist. For those hosting delicious dinners parties this season, why not serve the bold yogurt alongside a hot pineapple upside down cake, for a warming winter treat that’s sure to impress your foodie friends.

Lovingly packed in a bright, eye catching pot, Rachel’s new Limited Edition flavour is priced at £1.59 and available at leading supermarkets nationwide and online at Ocado.


WIN Scotch Pop Up Tape Hand-bands Giveaway 57 Ends 12th December

Scotch Pop Up have a lovely giveaway for my readers. I reviewed the Scotch Pop-Up Tape  back in May, so pleased when they asked me to feature it again.

Its such a great help when I am doing the dreaded wrapping this time of year, I get tape all over the place, stuck to my hair, too much pulled off and then its ticks all over, not enough and you can hear my curses. I adore buying presents and giving them, but when you see the mess I make, well you would laugh.

The hand- band dispenser is a total barrier to me getting stuck together.
the tape comes out in hand even strips and as its on the back of your hand, it frees up a hand for wrapping.

Scotch kindly have offered five followers a Hand-Bands and a refill each.

Christmas is a magical time for the whole family and this year you can make it even more special with beautiful, effortlessly wrapped presents thanks to Scotch Pop-Up Tape from 3M.

The uniquely designed hand-band dispenser from the Scotch brand is the easiest way to create a perfectly wrapped present every time.

The comfortable hand-band is filled with pre-cut strips that put an end to the inevitable sticky tape tangle. Instead, both hands are left free to fold, dispense and stick, saving you time while also making Christmas gift-wrapping a hassle-free task.

We all know how important it is to buy loved ones the perfect gift and presentation is the simplest way to make someone feel special, so making an effort with gift-wrapping is essential. Using Scotch Pop Up Tape ensures you won’t just be remembered for the gifts you choose but the beautiful way you wrap them too as the neatly pre-cut strips have a satin finish, so they disappear on most gift wrap paper, ensuring your Christmas presents look like they have arrived fresh from Santa’s grotto!
Refill Pop-Up Strips are available in packs of 3 pads, with 75 strips per pad, meaning up to 65 presents can be wrapped with one refill pack. With so many chores to be done to make the festive season complete, let Scotch Pop-Up Tape give you a helping hand this Christmas.

The nifty Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand-band comes in three fun colours - pink, silver or blue.
The Scotch Pop-Up Tape range is available at leading supermarkets and stationery stores. The Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand-band Dispenser has an RRP of £2.49, whilst a pack of Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser Refills, containing three tape pads, has an RRP of £2.69. Many retailers will be offering promotional pricing this Christmas, see in store for details.

For more information on Scotch products, as well as quick and easy wrapping ideas and tips, visit www.sayitwithscotch.co.uk.

Scotch are offering five winners a Pop Up tape Hand-band Dispenser and refill each.

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Ends Monday 12th
Please send details within 7 days of receiving winning notice.
Allow 28 working days for prizes.

New Survey Reveals Mums the Word when it comes to Christmas


It’s mums who really make Christmas a family affair with new research revealing that this year they will make three times as much effort to see their family as their partners will.
As a result there will be more of mother's family - her parents and grandparents - round the table this Christmas day than there will be of the father’s family, who are more likely to get demoted to Boxing Day.
Women are more likely to travel further to make sure everyone gets together and are also the ones to make sure everyone gets seen at some point so that no one is left to eat alone.
They are also likely to take the lead when it comes to buying gifts, decorating the home and the cooking.
But despite saying that Christmas was stressful,tiring and hard work, three quarters of women said they loved getting their family together and that it was the highlight of their year.
The survey was commissioned by Air Wick to mark the launch of their competition to find Britain’s most festive family.
Stefan Gaa, Marketing Director of Air Wick said: “It’s no surprise that mum’s are the driving force when it comes to getting prepared for Christmas,but many of us may not have realised the amount of work mums put into Christmas,and how instrumental they are to creating that special festive feeling.”

Six out of ten women insist on seeing their parents on Christmas Day no matter what whereas just 20 per cent will see their partner’s family.

Mums were the most important family member for everyone to spend time with, whereas just 8 per cent said that their dad was their priority this Christmas.
Nine out of ten women take responsibility for buying the gifts and two thirds find themselves wrapping all of themas well.
Seven out of ten mums will spend hours in the kitchen making sure dinner goes to plan as well as making sure the table looks nice and buying crackers.
Eighty four per cent of women send the Christmas cards and more than half do the festive food shop.

Mums are also more likely to watch the children in the Christmas school play.
73 per cent of women say that they make the house festive by taking charge of decorating the house inside and out and sixty per cent end up lugging home the Christmas tree - before they decorate it.

The results suggested that men were more likely to take the backseat with all the chores around Christmas time however,when it came to buying the Christmas tree, it seemed men were in control with 41% of women saying it was their partner who was in charge. 
Whilst a third of women said they wished their partner would step up and take on some of the responsibility but were happy to do the bulk of the work saying that was ‘what Christmas was all about’ and that they enjoyed it.
“Our survey reveals that it’s mums who make the most effort in creating that special festive atmosphere at Christmas.Our new colour changing candle, part of the Air Wick Touch of Luxury range,is a great easy way to create that warm, cosy festive feeling at home.”
For more information visit onto www.airwick.co.uk

Shepherds Purse Cheeses launch Christmas Gift Box

I again am in cheese heaven, last week I sampled the Farmison.com's delivery of cheeses from Scotland and other regions, this week Chris and I both happy as we received the contents of the new Shepherds Purse Christmas box, what first struck me were the marvellous dates on the products. As a reviewer I sometimes have had to rush the tasting as the dates are not so good. These last until after Christmas, not that they got the chance.
The cheeses are all without exception good quality and and really tasty.

The Yorkshire Blue stands out for me, its milder than most I eat and I was actually taken with the lighter mellow flavour. Its creamier than I expected and as such ended up on a crusty bloomer  instead of biscuits.
It took me an age to convince Chris, who despite eating foods with strong flavours, refused to try blue cheese. This would have been the one that kick started that passion I believe had he tried it 2 years ago.

I loved the Yorkshire Ryedale another creamy cheese but curiously mature in taste. Mrs Bells Blue gave me another blue but how I love them strong and salty,  this differs in that it is made from ewes milk.
The very new to me blue rind brie of the Bells Bluemin White was really good, a really creamy cheese, mild and fantastic on water biscuits.

Finally the delightfully named Monks Folly, this cheese is a real taste sensation, its creamy, a good flavoured not too strong, not too mellow and one I liked nibbling on its own.

Yorkshire artisan family cheese maker, Shepherds Purse, has launched its finest fromage foodie gift for the festive season - the Christmas Gift Box, £17.99, containing 5 award-winning, traditionally handcrafted cheeses made on the Bell family farm in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The box is the ideal Christmas gift for cheese connoisseurs and will be a favourite with fine food lovers alike.
The Christmas Gift Box contains:
 Yorkshire Blue
180g Yorkshire Blue
Yorkshire Blue, the company's best selling cheese, is made from 100 per cent Yorkshire cow's milk and is based on a continental style recipe highlighted by its soft, creamy texture. The recipe has been developed to give the cheese a unique buttery, sweet flavour with no sharp bite. A great starter blue cheese for those who say they do not like blue cheese, thanks to its mild flavour.
 Mrs Bells Blue
180g Mrs Bells Blue
Mrs Bells Blue, named after the company founder Judy Bell, is made with 100 per cent fresh ewe's milk and is considered to be a true contender to other continental ewe's milk blue cheeses. It has a creamy texture with a slightly salty, complex blue flavour which tantalises the taste buds. It is less salty than the French cheese and is ideal for any cheeseboard.
 Bluemin White
180g Bells Bluemin White
Bells Bluemin White is the first cheese created by Judy Bell's eldest daughter, Katie. It is made from local cow's milk and is carefully matured in the dairy's dedicated ripening store. It is hand turned everyday to achieve the best mould ripening which results in a truly luxurious texture and a delicate, yet complex flavour. It's the first blue rind brie for the Yorkshire region.
 Yorkshire Ryedale
125g Yorkshire Ryedale
Yorkshire Ryedale is the first white cow's milk cheese to be made at the Shepherds Purse dairy. A unique, mature, white cheese produced from local cow's milk and made to an age old, local method, this cheese is firm when taken straight from the fridge, but allow it to warm slightly and it softens to a smooth, luxury cheese which is almost spreadable - so creamy you wouldn't believe it's simply cow's milk!
 Monks Folly
125g Monks Folly
A traditional mould rinded, soft cow's milk cheese originating from Middle Age monks has been reproduced by Shepherds Purse. Many washed and mould rinded cheeses can be traced back to the monastic orders during the Middle Ages and were sometimes referred to as monastery cheeses. The monks spent a great deal of time and effort developing these cheeses and the Bell family have now discovered a recipe they have adapted for modern palettes.
The Christmas Gift Box is available from 1 December online at


Cornish Turkeys With A View - Fly Nationwide With cornishfoodmarket.co.uk


Christmas and Cornish Turkey provided by the new national delivery service from cornishfoodmarket.co.uk these birds get a lovely free roaming life outdoors and in light airy barns overnight, They live in a beautiful part of the world and I would certainly be happy to have a Cornish Turkey grace my Christmas table.

In fact Cornish produce as a whole has impressed us, we visit the farm shops each year around Cornwall and stock up our favorites leaving with sadness as its never long enough.

We bring home all manner of food depending on the season and then have freezer stocked with food that will transport us back.
No longer though will I have to bring an extra cool box, as the cornishfoodmarket.co.uk are delivering nationwide.

I will be reviewing some of the fabulous products soon, sadly I will not be reviewing the turkeys as they are still enjoying their Cornish idyll.

Traditional White Turkey 5 - 6kg approx

They might not actually vote for Christmas but Banbury's Cornish Turkeys certainly live the rural idyll, raised by three generations of the same farming family outside Padstow on the North Cornish Coast.
And this year for the first time Christmas diners across the land will get to savour the difference between these birds and their intensively reared relatives - via a new national delivery service from cornishfoodmarket.co.uk.
"We hand-rear free-range black and traditional white turkeys here at Trembleathe Farm and they grow for much longer than mass produced birds so they develop that lovely deep turkey flavour," says Richard Banbury whose parents Fernley and Nancy, wife Clare and little daughters Gracie Ann and Roseanna all play their part in the nurturing process.
"I think part of it is also that our natural environment is so clean and clear with fresh air off the Atlantic - we're remote from roads and noise and commercial activity and the birds are raised as they should be - stress free."

For nearly fifty years these turkeys have been enjoyed throughout Cornwall at Christmas time but now the Banbury family - like scores of the county's best food and drink producers - are working with the team at cornishfoodmarket.co.uk to spread not just the word but the reality of best Cornish fare to the nation at large.

"We launched our website a year ago, delivering online orders of all this fantastic produce to homes and businesses in Cornwall and parts of Devon," says Sean Williams, MD of cornishfoodmarket.co.uk and its parent company Westcountry Fruit Sales, which delivers wholesale to restaurants and caterers across the two counties.
"Now we're delivering further afield and the Banbury family's turkeys are a prime example of why we are almost evangelistic about the wonderful products we can supply.
"The big supermarkets have had it their own way for far too long and their deal for customers, communities and their suppliers leaves so much to be desired. We're showing how you can provide a better service all round, with the freshest and best products, but still great value for money."
Your weekly shop just got easier
Alongside the Cornish turkeys cornishfoodmarket.co.uk's online customers can order award-winning wines and ciders, beers and juices, cheeses and pickles, clotted cream, mincemeat, puds and even mistletoe - delivered to doorsteps across the country.

Check out their Christmas offerings from the top Cornish producers at www.cornishfoodmarket.co.uk.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Lashings and lashings of Lactofree cream

Lactofree cream makes delicious desserts a reality for those with lactose intolerance

Lactofree®, the UK’s only range of lactose-free* dairy products, has added a perfectly indulgent addition to its range with the introduction of Lactofree cream. Following comments from lactose intolerant sufferers with a sweet tooth, Lactofree discovered that cream was one of the most missed treats.
There are very few cream products suitable for people with a lactose intolerance, as most are made with buttermilk which contains lactose; and other lactose free options don’t contain dairy and so don’t compare on taste. Lactofree cream brings the great taste of cream made with real dairy to people with a lactose intolerance. Perfect for use in pasta sauces, cake baking or simply pouring lashings and lashings over classic desserts, Lactofree cream gives the same full taste and nutritional goodness of real dairy, just without the lactose. It also comes in a convenient re-sealable carton, perfect for households where only one family member might be lactose intolerant.
Thought to affect up to 15% of the UK population (1 in 7 people), lactose intolerance is the body’s inability to produce enough of the enzyme lactase in the digestive tract. Without it, lactose (the natural sugar in milk and other dairy products) cannot be digested properly, causing symptoms of nausea, stomach cramps and bloating after consuming dairy products.
Lactofree cream is available from ASDA and Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, from £1.04 (RRP). The Lactofree range also includes; whole and semi-skimmed dairy drink (fresh and UHT), hard and soft cheese, fruit yogurts and UHT portion packs.

For more information about lactose intolerance and Lactofree please visit www.lactofree.co.uk.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Tasty Little Numbers

Food on the go can often be hiding a multitude of sins and (syns for all you Slimming World folk)
I watched a documentary on grab and go sandwiches and shop bought snacks and some bakeries don't add any nutritional details, so you can be adding lots of fat, salt and sugar without realising it. 
Tasty Little Numbers have launched a new set of snacks and hot meals that have taken the guesswork out of this by boldly displaying the calories on the pack.

I mean boldly, if I'm  in a rush on my lunch hour the last thing I need to be doing is scanning nutritional values.
Each Tasty Little Number has the calories clearly marked and they are good calorie amounts.

OK are they "Tasty Little numbers" as that is what really counts?
I was sent a selection of the range which include 100 calorie chocolate bars, 100 calorie savoury snacks and 200 calorie hot meals.

I am impressed, they are indeed tasty, the crisps are yummy, sorry for that description but for a calorie controlled snack its not always the word one thinks about.

I recommend the Texy Mexy BBQY Grills they remind me in flavour of a cross between wheat crunchies and frazzles but with a BBQ kick, they have actually won me over to my most unliked flavour. These above never lasted longer than it took to put the camera away.
The chocolate Light and Wispy Choco Crispy ( don't you just love the names?) bars are a lovely sweet crunchy wafer that's dipped in chocolate, you may find this naughty but like the crisps they are 100 calories. Oh and all chocoholics catered for as there are three varieties, dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate.
Very tasty and very moreish.

Finally maybe the meals are perhaps the most impressive,  Tasty Little numbers have provided a spork and napkin, making these truly 'Just heat and eat meals'.

Skip that what's impressive is again the taste, I loved the creaminess of the Mushroom Stroganoff, the spicy Chilli Con Carne, Tikka Masala and good old Sausage and Baked Beans. Four meals that need no refrigeration,heat up in a flash, hold no artificial nasties and have a tiny 200 calories.
Again as the name says tasty! I am hoping they make many more of these meals.

I think what is attractive is the packaging make the meals and snacks look like proper food, I mean they do not look like diet foods and come to that they do not taste that way.
I am hooked!

  Tasty Little Numbers is a lifestyle brand for the health-conscious.... and it's all about built-in 'at a glance' portion control. It is real food uniquely made to whole numbers of calories, taking the “messin’ outta guessin”; meaning that watching what you eat and managing your weight has never been easier – and tastier!
Founder Jo Beach comments: “I created the Tasty Little Numbers range because I wanted to lose weight and I wanted it to be the 'life and soul of the health-conscious party' to say 'I am real, I am healthy, I am fun and I care about how I look and feel'.  No matter how much fruit and veg I eat (and I do) I am never going to stop fancying some chocolate or a curry and eating Tasty Little Numbers allows me to manage the amount of calories I put in without having to think about it too much -
for me managing my weight to stay healthy is all about portion control! I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I love creating them. Just remember that Tasty Little Numbers doesn't claim to make you slim, only you can lay claim to that triumph, but I do hope it helps you to enjoy doing it”.


As it gets colder a hot dinner with lashings of gravy is called for, I was sent the new Colman's Instant gravy paste , have you seen the big beef bull rocking out on the ads?
I was quite curious to see how good it is, coming from the home of my beloved English mustard I did have high hopes.

I am not keen on the granules so for me again I was hoping for better.

As you know I have now lost two stones, happily sliding into skinny size 8 jeans again and so looked on the Slimming World website to see how naughty this easy to prepare gravy is I was satisfied to see that for a jug of gravy following the portion suggested its 1 and a half syns, the gravy is enough for four people so its more or less half a syn, happy days!!

When it comes to making it, it couldn't be simpler. You just squeeze out two heaped teaspoons and put into a jug, pour on 250 ml of boiling water and whisk thoroughly.

I found that if you make it and stand it for a few moments after whisking, it thickens up more and I ended adding more water which means this measure actually goes further.

My favourite is the chicken it tastes so good, rich and chickeny.

The other two are delicious flavours – beef and an onion flavour are as good and we all loved them.

I will definitely be using again.

Colman’s launches instant gravy with real meat juices

It’s fair to say that gravy is a national passion -   whether poured on bangers and  mash, or splashed on a Sunday roast, many meals are simply inconceivable without it! For a gravy so delicious that it will leave mums across the nation in need of a bigger gravy boat, try Colman’s Instant Gravy Paste – a new and superior instant gravy that contains real meat juices.

To mark the launch, Colman’s has enlisted a group of British butchers – the experts in  meaty meals – to join the new ‘Colman’s Butchers Board’ *. So tasty is the new Colman’s Instant Gravy Paste that eight out of ten (79%) members of the “Colman’s Butchers Board” preferred it and said it tasted more homemade than the leading competitor. Its meaty flavour (67%) consistency (48%) and ease of use  (54%) also made it a winner with the whole family.

Colman’s Butchers Board member James Rutland of Rutland Butchers, Norfolk, said; “I know my meat and Colman’s Instant Gravy Paste is a delicious accompaniment – my family absolutely love it. It contains real meat juices which makes it extra tasty – the perfect quick and easy accompaniment to a Sunday roast. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty gravy the whole family will love and all levels of cooks will be able to prepare.”
Gaelle Bouchard, Colman’s, says: “Colman’s Instant Gravy Paste has been developed with busy mums in mind – it’s quick and easy to prepare and contains no nasty artificial additives, meaning the whole family can enjoy its tasty flavour.“

Colman’s Instant Gravy Paste is free of nasty preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers. It is available in all major UK supermarkets.

RRP is £1.59 and it comes in 130g easy-squeeze tubes, which provide approximately 5 servings

The perfect Secret Santa for the office fashionista

These are such a great idea for your friends and workmates, oh and not forgetting teenage students as my daughter nabbed them very fast.

They are so useful too.

Hunting for the perfect ‘Secret-Santa’ solution for stylish colleagues or the ideal stocking filler for the fashionista that has it all? Look no further than these unique Scotch and Post-it Brand gifts from 3M.

If your Christmas budget doesn’t quite stretch to a pair of coveted Louboutins or that Mulberry handbag, fear not for you can still be on trend this Christmas with these two leading stationery brands.

 The stylish Scotch Tape Dispenser is shaped like a black stiletto, whilst the Post-it Note Dispenser takes the form of a trendy mock-croc style handbag. These elegant, yet practical desk accessories are ideal for dressing up a desk whether at home or in the office.

The stylish refillable Post-it Note Dispenser is perfect for personalising any desk space. To make it even easier to use it is weighted so this favourite stationary essential stays put on the desk and is always close to hand.

If shoes are the fashionista’s favourite accessory, then step up the style stakes with the chic Scotch Tape Dispenser. Having tangled tape everywhere is not a good look so with this dispenser there’ll be no more sticky situations.

At under £10 both products make the perfect stocking – filler or “Secret Santa” gift for the fashion conscious.

The Post-it Note ‘Handbag’ Dispenser comes complete with one pad of Post-it Notes and costs just £8.99.  The Scotch Tape ‘Stiletto’ Dispenser which includes one roll of Scotch Magic Tape costs £7.99.

Both products are available from Tesco, Staples and Amazon.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ginger Joe Review


For 270 years Stones of London have been dealing with the spicy root called ginger, they've got the ginger wine down to a 'T'
So now they have turned their attention to ginger beer, no not the lovely fizzy pop that reminds me of Enid Blyton's Famous Five.... but real Ginger Beer called Ginger Joe.

Stones asked me to try it and as its close to my name and I have a huge ginger beer fan in the house, I said yes please!

Its exactly as you imagine still has that lovely warming spicy kick. The alcohol makes it warmer, as with the Ginger wine its lovely to try a childhood drink geared for the grownups.

Why the name Ginger Joe, well I went 'rooting' pardon the ginger pun and found this

The legend of Ginger Joe is inspired by ‘Ginger’ Joseph Stone, moustachioed London greengrocer and illustrious founder of the noble house of Stone. Legend says Joe was fanatical about the tantalising taste of the ginger root (lat. Zingiber Officinale) and that his first ‘dip in the ginge’ circa 1740 produced a tipple that literally singed the tips of his ‘tache – an image now immortalised on every bottle of our refreshingly feisty alcoholic ginger beer.

Say hello to the new alcoholic ginger beer

Light and refreshing, with subtle yet spicy ginger notes, feisty Ginger Joe offers a thirst-quenching, tantalising new taste. The alcoholic ginger beer electrifies and tingles the taste-buds; providing the perfect tipple as summer slips away and autumn approaches on the ginger-tinged horizon.

Send taste-buds into a tizzy with tache-twisting tastings tips to excite the senses. Add some zest with a squeeze of lemon or lime; enjoy with a sneaky splash and a dash of spirit; or sweeten the dullest of days by stirring in strawberries and studding with mint.

Savour the tasty ting and tangy flavour of Ginger Joe with a hearty pub lunch, complement to a fiery curry, or simply serve straight-up over mountains of ice – sip or swallow, whichever takes your fancy, but always enjoy with imagination.

For more information visit www.gingerjoe.co.uk or join the fan site at www.facebook.com/gingerjoeuk and check out the new tache-tastic Facebook app.

Vimto Seasonal Spiced Punch


The makers of Vimto, the delicious fruity soft drink with the top-secret recipe, have launched a limited edition Christmas drink, Hot Mulled Berry Punch. They sent me a bottle to try and with only 30 days until Christmas it certainly has got me into the season nicely. Its bitter outside I've seen the first frosts, my heating is cranked up and my hats are out. So the warming punch is perfect after a cold day out.

The Vimto aroma was very evident as I opened the bottle, it smells fruity but there is that familiar Christmas  spice of cinnamon and nutmeg.
It needs to be served warm, I boiled a kettle and let it cool down slightly.

The punch is a lovely fruit, spice mix and very sweet and warming. A great drink for those who maybe don't drink, for children too to give them a special Christmassy drink.
Its a limited edition so grab some while its about!

Vimto’s much-loved original flavor has been blended with an enticing concoction of aromatic cloves, warming cinnamon and sweet nutmeg to pack a seasonal punch. Just add hot water for a warming non-alcoholic drink or use as a mixer to create a hot winter cocktail.

Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch
is available exclusively at Tesco stores across the UK in 725ml bottles at £1.89 from 21 November.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Corned Beef Pasty

This is pure comfort food if you are a Slimming World member you can still tuck into a pasty Actifry chips and beans,  1 syn for the corned beef (if using a WW wholemeal pitta  as a HExB) the recipe is with kind permission of a lovely slimming world member Ginlin.

It uses a wholemeal pitta which is 1 HExB and is 1 syn providing you use the 50g of Princes Corned Beef lean corned beef other makes and Princes regular are 3 syns and up, so do take care choosing, I can only find in Tesco's here.
Its simple to make, just take are opening your pittas, I find it better to warm them under a grill. Its packed full of lovely veggies giving you some super frees and makes a tasty snack for supper if you haven't used your B.

Mozzarella, Onion and Tomato

This recipe an be adapted try minced beef for a free pasty, a cheese and onion one works try using a HExA 42g Mozzarella, softened chopped onion first and tomato slices. Try stewed steak and philly too.

1 Syn Corned Beef Pasty

Makes 4 Pasties at 1 syn each on Red and Extra Easy + HExB
Filling for pasty's before mixing

Ingredients:4 Wholemeal pitta breads (either Asda or Co-op, as they are a HExB)
200g tin of Princes Lean corned beef (4 syns)
200g Swede diced small
200g Carrots diced small
Large Onion finely chopped
Knorr beef stock cube
Pepper to taste
Dash of Worcestershire sauce (Optional)
1 Beaten egg for glaze

Filling after mixing

Boil the swede, carrots and onions using a beef stock cube, or if you prefer just lightly salted water, until soft.
Drain, mash or crush, I left mine slightly chunky, mix in the corned beef to your desired consistency,  season to taste. I add lots of pepper and Worcestershire sauce

Its full of lovely ingredients!

Warm the pittas slightly so they are easy to open, then split open the pitta breads, and fill each one with a quarter of the corned beef mixture,  you may need to gently flatten it to get all the filling in, then close it back up, and brush with the beaten egg.

Don't forget the glaze, it makes it a crispy pastry like crust!

Bake in a warm oven, approx 200C for about 20 minutes Fan 180 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

You can also include potato if you are doing extra easy.


Tefal NEW Toughest Ever Non-Stick Pans

Now I may be a little biased but I already use a Tefal Frying pan, its my trusty Thermospot frying pan and is still working fine since when it first came out, its only sticking areas are due to  new cooks namely my teens and them not realising you need to use non metal tools.

Its old, but loved and I always said I would only ever replace with another the same. Tefal have moved on a lot more than I, they've made a higher performance pan, the Sensorielle

Now the Sensorielle provides even cooking to prevent burning. Thicker gauge aluminium with an enamel finish yet it feels as light as my old pan.

The handle is easy to grip, feels comfortable and  is oven safe to 180°C which is great for my Spanish omelettes and to just keep food warm in the pan.

The base is raised in parts its an anti-warp feature, I noticed it also spreads the heat around the pan and the food well.

It makes cooking a lot more even, less chance of having some food burning while parts are uncooked.

I have cooked my chillis, made Spanish Omelette, fried eggs. Warmed tortillas through its coped with all these and surpassed my last pan.

A new patented non-scratch coating, the first cookware to use Tefal’s new intensium coating, high performance anti-warp base, copper particles in the base to ensure even heating, and a new comfort curved handle makes Sensorielle the most durable quality cookware range ever.

Intensium is an extra hard mineral base layer which is fused to the other layers, including a visible holographic layer, providing the ultimate scratch-resistant surface, designed to withstand the most rigorous use and even resistant when using metal utensils.
For more information or stockist enquires please visit www.tefal.co.uk or call 0845 602 1454.