Friday, 21 October 2011

Yoshi Blade Ceramic Knife review

If it’s one thing a cook needs, it’s a good, trusted knife. I never paid much heed to this belief. I'd been using for years yes years old knives,trying to cut meat, tomatoes squishing as I pressed down, just all usual veg preparation taking so long. I didn't know it was too bad until I used a knife at a friends when helping prepare salad for a bbq.

Since then I have bought better knives and as I've gained experience and really gotten into cooking in a big way, I have  tried using the correct knives for the foods and even learned a few techniques, before I would use a bread knife for all slicing and dicing.

I was sent the Yoshi blade which has some big claims. It says its the only tool you need and for me who did as I say use one knife for all, it was quite intriguing.
I put it to the test when first preparing a Mediterranean chicken dish with roasted veg and new potatoes.
I sliced through the chicken with ease, the basil and thyme from the garden was so easy. When it came to the roasted veg they were a doddle, the tomatoes I peeled one just to see how it performed and it was amazing, made it as easy as slicing butter, then  sliced clean through with none of the squishing. The garlic was a cinch as were the courgettes peppers and onions.

I had to try it on bread as it claims to cut through and to be honest without the usual serrated edge, I thought it would not work. But it cut right through a very fresh loaf.

Whats good for me about the blade is that its ceramic and not metal, I do tend to leave knives wet and if they get pitted, do rust rather quickly. This will never rust, its got to be good, another thing I can do now is cut salad rather than tear. Steel blades always wilts the lettuce and turns it black, the Yoshi does not.

It comes with a fab little peeler and that is super fast and sharp too. The money back guarantee means you can take or send it back, but I see no need with mine.
So like years ago I could go back to one knife again, from bread to veg, soft and very hard veg like swede it works so well. Hoping this will last a long time.
With orders of over 4,000 prior to launch and lots of positive kitchen trials, the Yoshi Blade by New Innovations (£19.99) is the only tool you’ll need and is guaranteed to cut and slice better than traditional steel knives.

Recommended by professionals across the globe, the Yoshi Blades streamlined design takes influence from Traditional Japanese Santoku knives. Fusing trusted traditional design with modern ceramic compounds (Zirconium Oxide) the Yoshi Blade is 40% stronger than Stainless Steel and stays sharper, 10 times longer than conventional knives.

Sarah Turner, cafe owner London says “I’d heard about this amazing knife from a friend in the States and put my name on a UK waiting list. I’ve been using it in my cafe for over a month and I haven’t looked back. I don’t use any other knife, it’s so sharp I can cut bread without it breaking, slice through chicken like butter and thinly slice onions, amazing.”
Roger Smith, chef Cardiff comments “I was given the opportunity to trial the Yoshi Blade and I’m impressed.
It makes my job a hell of a lot easier and it’s now my professional tried and trusted kitchen tool.”

Easy to use and comfortable to hold, its compact design is ideal for precision cutting and thin slicing.
With a granton-edge (a release pattern) it will easily free sticky food and thin slices after cutting. Amazingly this ‘must-buy’ tool doesn’t need sharpening and won’t rust, corrode or pit like conventional steel knives. So versatile you can switch between different foods without the need to grapple with the kitchen draw looking for another knife.
Each Yoshi Blade by New Innovations comes with a bonus protective cover, a bonus Yoshi Blade
Ceramic Peeler (same sharp blades to help you peel to perfection) and comes with a 30 day money
back guarantee.
The Yoshi Blade by New Innovations is available now from, or on Freephone
0800 883 8224.
Stock will also be available from BHS


  1. I have one of these, they are fantastic but you need to watch your fingers!

  2. I need a new knife, this one sounds great and a good price too

  3. I bought it from BHS... the knife is fantastic but the peeler is rubbish (at least the one that was in my package which lokks exactly like the one in the picture here on the site)

  4. Aww thats not good to hear, I'm still using mine and it works really well.