Friday, 14 October 2011

Tarbert Fine Foods Review

On opening the chilled pack I received recently I was very happy to see a selection of delicious looking pre cooked Tarbert meats, it looked so good the first pack of pork was sliced open and in a roll with some wholegrain mustard before it actually made it from box to fridge.

First taste was just fantastic, well seasoned pork that lovely succulent meaty taste of good quality and so began a rather lovely week of sampling the rest, I received

Tarbert Fine Scottish Butter Basted Chicken
Tarbert Fine Scottish Honey Roast Ham
Tarbert fine Oakwood Smoked Ham
Tarbert Fine Honey Roast Finely Sliced Ham
Tarbert Fine Mature Ham
Tarbert Fine Ham and Arran Mustard
Tarbert Fine Scottish Roast Pork
Tarbert Fine Heather Honey Ham

I cannot tell you which was the best, they were all fantastic, it was during the lovely hot weather unexpected for the end of September, beginning of October. We had a beef salad. Ham sandwiches, ham egg and chips and all were really tasty.

From the humble beginnings of a small family butchers shop in Biggar 1885, Browns Food Group now supplies a vast range of chilled and frozen foods, ranging from delicatessen, pre sliced cooked meats, smoked salmon and convenience foods which are as unique and distinctive today as they were in 1885. Browns Food Group is a family run business based in the Borders of Scotland, in Kirkconnel.

Tarbert Fine is a range of Premium Scottish cooked meats, produced from Scottish meat, from animals born and reared in Scotland. This range carry the relevant Quality Meat Scotland Logos; Specially Selected Pork, Specially Selected Ham or Scotch Beef. Tarbert Fine products use premium cooked meat recipes to give a quality finished product. Made with Scottish meat and ingredients, it is a great tasting product.

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  1. I'm actually drooling over this and it's not that long since I stuffed myself with curry!! So many of the cooked meats you get in the supermarkets now are tasteless & have a strange rubbery texture, it's great when you find a brand that tastes real!!
    Kirsten x

  2. My husband would love all these and beats a boring cheese sandwich!

  3. So many things out there!! Haven't tried this yet

    Felicity kelly