Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tactic Games review

I was sent some Tactic games  also courtesy of I've featured many toys and games in the past, all of my family love sitting together to play one and especially with the darker nights drawing in, there's a chance to get back to challenging each other all good naturedly and having a great family hour or so.

I was sent a game called Dotto. its a game with coloured dice game cards with  patterns you have to try and match and a timer which is totally random, so expect it to go off straight away. 
 Now I like a race against opponents to either get round the board or finish a challenge first and if you like fast games too this will appeal. Its a game that causes laughs and groans and this is what I love, the competitive side coming out even in the quieter family members.
The game is for 6 years plus and my two are above this so got the rules straight away. The aim is to form the pattern on the card with dice before the time runs out and pass the turn on quickly, this all goes funnily wrong when you add skip or reverse cards to the mix.
A fast paced funny game and also may I say a great one for adults too. Highly addictive as the games are short and fun.
We had a fab time playing it. Thanks Tactic Games

The next game we tried was Faqir. Giggle all round at the name, my kids because of the sound of it and us because of the same and Kenneth Williams in Carry on Up the Khyber using it to insult somebody!

Its based on the bed of nails you get your own faqir and a board with nails (actually pointy little cones) The object of the game is to line up the holes on your fakir card with the ones on the board by placing the nails in the same pattern, like the Dotto game your opponent has to do the same but stop you getting your pattern. They can see part of your patten and vice versa.
Paige and Conor preferred Dotto, I liked it this more though I liked the tactical play. Chris said it was good, nice to have a new game to play as the nights are drawing in.

Thanks to Blog Match and Tactic for a lovely few hours of fun.
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  1. LOL Jo - we reviewed the same games and I'm glad to see we weren't the only ones to snigger childishly at the name. In our house, it was poor little Juliette who accidentally mispronounced it and it was so hard not to laugh ! (

  2. hehe still keep sniggering, little things, poor Juliette funnier when they don't realise what they are saying!!

  3. Hi, thanks for this review! I am always trying to find fun, exciting board games to play with my little ones, as we always have one day a week which we all spend time together, playing games. I hadn't heard of these games before but after reading your reviews I think I might have to have a search for them and Santa might put them under our tree!

  4. The name's so funny! Would love to get this for Christmas.

  5. LOL, you'd think the company would realise that's maybe not the best name for a kids' game!!