Tuesday, 11 October 2011

ProCook® Storage Containers

Don't you just love these retro looking storage jars. They remind me of a pattern on dishes we had when I was younger, I keep thinking Hornsea Pottery or Portmerion, but I'm not really sure. I just know they seem warmly familiar. 
I have been sent one and its been utilised straight away to hide my hot chocolate sachets....shhh don't tell anybody.

These chic items are a stylish way to keep food fresh and worktops tidy. The cylindrical storage containers are made of white porcelain and come with a wooden airtight lid.

The green and grey storage containers come in eight different graphic designs including STARS, ZIG ZAGS, WAVES and they measure 110mm x 110mm.  ProCook® Storage Containers can be purchased from www.procook.co.uk at the value price of £6 each.


  1. Reminds me of Missoni plates , great price!

  2. These are gorgeous. Definitely Hornsea. My Mum had some of that when I was younger.

  3. these would look perfect in my new kitchen :)